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How would you rate your current situation/life?

View Poll Results: How would you rate your current situation/life?

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  • 1 - I am constantly feeling down. I need help.

    9 4.57%
  • 2 - Depressed beyond imagination

    7 3.55%
  • 3 - Life is horrible to me.

    7 3.55%
  • 4 - Life knocks me down a lot but I manage to get back up.

    47 23.86%
  • 5 - I'm in the borderline of happy and sad.

    31 15.74%
  • 6 - It's ok. I have my good and bad days.

    36 18.27%
  • 7 - A few problems, but nothing I can't handle.

    24 12.18%
  • 8 - I am feeling content. I would only change a few things.

    23 11.68%
  • 9 - Life is good. I have problems that don't affect me much.

    11 5.58%
  • 10 - Life is Perfect! No Problems! Very Happy!

    2 1.02%
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This is a discussion on How would you rate your current situation/life? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; lol i like how NO ONE said their life was perfect......

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    lol i like how NO ONE said their life was perfect...

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    Quote Originally Posted by decided View Post
    Wow, I've put the highest so far!
    Ha. Beaten! I have to go soon, but if anyone's interested in why I put 10, I'll explain later (it might have just been a general mood thing these days).

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    borderline between happy and sad. There is always both emotions running within's like the yin yang thing.

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    I put nine. I'm not sure if "problems" would be the right world, though: more like a few big things hanging over my head that need to be done, like passing a certification exam for my job. But, frankly, I enjoy challenges like that. If I didn't have anything going on on that level, I'd probably feel adrift. The other "problem" might be the rather intense emotional demands that come up at work sometimes. However, as long as I take plenty of time for myself and reconnect to what is important to me, it's not bad. Basically, life is very good at this time--I feel very lucky or blessed or whatever one's term of choice might be.

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    I put down 6 cause I'm not in a particular bad or good mood atm but life is veeerrry confusing :|

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    I put seven, though as I look it over it could have been anywhere in the 7-9 range. Generally, life for me is simple and non-problematic. When I do stumble over something, usually I mean so literally.
    But if it happens to be figurative, I always find my way to the solution. They tend to be short-termed, especially since I am in the so called stage of childhood.

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    As of right now (this weekend), I'm feeling a seven. But on the weekdays, I am usually around a three or four.

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    10. Just because I make everything that gets me down disappear.

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    9. I have issues, yeah. But do I let it get me down? Nope. Not at all ^^ Does it have something to do with being a type 9? ....possibly....

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    I fluctuate between 8.7331 and 9.3001. I have a good life.

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