How do you deal with trust?

How do you deal with trust?

View Poll Results: How do you deal with trust?

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  • I trust everyone all the time.

    5 2.30%
  • I trust everyone until I'm betrayed.

    45 20.74%
  • Trust is earned.

    62 28.57%
  • Trust is a privelege.

    17 7.83%
  • Trust is rare; only given to a few

    55 25.35%
  • I sleep with one eye open.

    20 9.22%
  • I do not trust anyone at all.

    13 5.99%
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    How do you deal with trust?

    How do you deal with trust?
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    I trust everyone until I'm betrayed.

    It usually takes repeated betrayal if the first time(s) were done because of lack of forethought. If the first betrayal was clearly from a desire to use me for selfish purposes, then I am more likely to proceed cautiously.

    This does not apply to guys who give me the creepy stare. Nor does it apply to creepy old men. I don't trust them to begin with. I would say that the real creeps are pretty rare though. I don't go around seeing a creep in everyone. lol

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    Good Topic..

    I am somewhere around considering it something you earn to being a privilege..
    I have trouble trusting the right people..
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    Trust is rare and only given to a few.

    I have a hard time trusting all but my closest of friends, and a few people I get kind of a vibe from that I can trust them. Once you have betrayed the trust though, it is gone and never coming back...
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    Like JR said, I'm somewhere between it being earned and a privilege. It's really hard for me to trust people; and sometimes, even when I may feel a person has earned my trust, I still don't give it to them.
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    But then, what do we mean by trust?

    I am not open with anyone. I hide from the world. But I do not think that this is because I do not trust them. In general, I probably trust people too easily. I just prefer to be alone.

    I must be getting tired because I am saying everything I am thinking. Probably time to get off of PC for the night. lol...
    I'll go email Rourk. If I say something screwy when I'm tired he doesn't care. hahaha
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    I trust everyone until I am betrayed. It is an interesting question though. I do not reveal myself entirely to everyone, in fact I can't think of anyone that I simply talk freely about myself to. But I give people more and more slowly over time.
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    I don't trust anyone until I have a proper reason to do so. This leaves only a few people.
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    Trust in myself is the only way I can trust others.
    My first instinct of a person has never turned out to be wrong.
    Where I have gone wrong is when I try to ignore that impression in the interest of giving them a chance.
    I can be sweet as sugar and drop my guard completely, it doesn't matter how I play it,
    if I think something is off about a person the moment I notice them and don't walk away, it blows up in my face.
    Most people are ok. Some people are awesome. Then there are the ones not fit to lick the dirt of my shoes.
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    I need lots of time and just when people convinc me that I can trust them, then they have my complete trust.
    But I'm a really naive person so I sometime start to trust people imidietly and still have lots of doubts, like I'm pushing myself to trust them and my institcs don't let me..this applies mostly to (charming) guys.. unfortunatelly xD..
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