This is why the universe is expanding

This is why the universe is expanding

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This is a discussion on This is why the universe is expanding within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Question: Why is the universe expanding at an accelerated rate? Answer: Our entire visible universe is being pulled apart in ...

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    This is why the universe is expanding

    Question: Why is the universe expanding at an accelerated rate?

    Answer: Our entire visible universe is being pulled apart in every direction from future Big Bangs gathering mass for the next explosion. It's not expanding from within, it's being SUCKED apart by giant collections of mass through the force of gravity. This is extremely obvious to me and it annoys me that no one else has figured this out. OF COURSE it's accelerating, they're gathering more and more mass! Hello???!!!

    [Please tell me how I am wrong, I'm dying to know.]

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    Well, the measurements show that expansion happens symmetrically. This probably doesn't fit your theory.

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    It seems more likely it's a direct reaction to the big bang, which still to this day is causing the universe to accelerate the expansion.

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    In 5th grade I learned that science doesn't suck... literally... when we used vacuum cleaners that we thought sucked to create a hovering board, a hover board, it became clear that vacuums are built to blow not suck.

    Sucking is impossible. It's soft of like multiplication getting rid of division. Instead of 4 being 8 divided by two, it's multiplied by 0.5. Division isn't really... real.

    And some spiritual insight can prove that first hand too... the divide between beings is really just an increase in our collective trajectory. For without the uniqueness of being different, we would be less strong as a whole.

    More like that of ants who are strong as many and as one, but have inherent weaknesses that of which has not been exploited but remains. Their queen leader being obviously like one computer in the center of a network has problems if it fails and the network, in which the ant relies on, fails if the queen fails. So fall one, fall many, and the cookie dost not crumble - rather the cookie is sent into chaos. Also there is this thing where the pheromone trail gets fucked up, it's like what Jesus did to us, and it makes the ants lose their way thinking it's the right way. They get lost and die.. yet humans have a response to even that! Few understand how there is gain greater than that of the collective, for the collective has its weaknesses. And those people are a necessity not just to humanity, but to the world. It's more important than the collective. And you know why? Because it doesn't suck! It's like this vibrant powerful energy that grows and dominates its shape, pushing against even us living side by side creating a friction that causes both immersion and.. entropy. Sadly there is entropy. So as it goes, humanity seeks to challenge the world and the universe itself so as not to become devoured and so our collective is programmed to be of greater priority than even the universe in which we were born and exist in. Remarkable really... that our ego exists so large because the universe itself is so large. And it, which created us, wants us to make it larger with it, and puts us above it so that we may grow and push out. Love And life is a sign of how the pushing works, the roots in plants push through the dirt, the branches push through the sky, the water pushes into the ground then pushes up to the clouds when lighter as a gas. When we "pull" with our body muscles we merely push into the ground to gain leverage. We push in really unique and powerful and creative ways. And the friction gets too hot if there is too much pushing (hell) or you get too floaty and airy if there is too little pushing (heaven) - internal concepts of being caused by the relation one has with others. And its why the queen system of ants is terrible, for without the discipline the friction vanishes and the heat is made up for with disorder and chaos - leading nowhere quickly without the pathetic aspirations of the queen ant to guide them. I say pathetic because ants don't really do anything great. There are a lot of them.. 25% of life on this planet actually.. And what do they do with their numbers? Just... exist... They could move mountains... literally... how do you think the pyramids were built? Ants! It's one giant anthill for the ants who are OBSESSED with math and who have the strength to do it. Humans can't lift that shit, it's too heavy. And we don't care THAT much about math to make perfect alignments and ratios and shit lmao. Fucking ants man. They are hilariously obsessed with mathematical perfection. Did you know that they understand pi and utilise it when constructing their fucking homes? It's like all they care about are numbers! No wonder they are winning the numbers game on this planet. We only have like 7 billion. Fuck there are more chickens than us! And we EAT THEM! They are our prey? And they exist in greater numbers? Wtf?

    Ants will try to beat humans with their math and their godly perfection but humans have something they don't. Irrational responsibility. We will fucking fight them. Fuck your shitty numbers and strength, we understand how to destroy queens and kingdoms because we have been doing it for millennium to stop the stupid structure from tearing apart our individuality. And as a collective we make way cooler architecture than their rock solid triangles that still exist because they are too boring to interact with the world's gravity pushing on that shit to turn it into something that can dance and LIVE. THERE IS NO LIFE IN YOUR DEAD PYRAMIDS ANTS, JUST NUMBERS, AND NO AMOUNT OF EXTENDED LIFESPAN THROUGH PERFECT DESIGN AND NO AMOUNT OF EXTENDED POPULATION WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE GODS WHO DEFY THE UNIVERSE'S WILL IN ORDER TO PRESERVE OUR OWN.

    these ants think they can just do whatever they want. They have plans you know. Cats have plans too. Crows have plans too. Rats have plans too. It's our job to say, hey cats you can push up against us and be cute and cozy and relaxing, but if you try to make us your bitch you will fail. Gtfo cat and go eat some birds. Before we decide to take them from you to teach you a lesson about WHO is the predator here. Because when we say that, as the time will come when we must, we establish our domain and protect the cats from themselves and preserve the balance of friction to be once again correctly established as safe and homely.

    And when the time comes when man faces his biggest obstacle, the collapse of the universe and our will to tell the universe to stop because it's not doing it right, we will try and try and try again until the end. A very, very long time from now. Because when we push, we push from all angles. That's how we create life as we know it. When the universe pushes, it's way too unbalanced and powerful. I'm sure one day we will try to control that power in order to push the universe itself into a shape of our design. But we will fail. Not because we can't. But because we won't want to.

    :) after all, we fell in love with the universe every step of the way in understanding it... It's alive. And it made us. And it wants us to not worry about it trying to kill us. It won't. It'll just take us one by one when we are ready. It's not poetic but it's smart.


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