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Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?

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This is a discussion on Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb? within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; It doesn't make people stupid. It just reveals naturally occurring stupidity....

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    It doesn't make people stupid. It just reveals naturally occurring stupidity.
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    Probably not seeing that these technology does not replace our cognitive ability..

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    I don't think there is such thing. But if it does cause any problem we should use less of it. But no one should stop you from using these things. We should be free to use smart technology. And not care about these things.

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    I agree with the statement that smart technology is widening the intellectual divide. It encourages intellectual laziness, as well. Why make an effort to learn and retain information when you can just look something up whenever you need to? Many people don't bother to cross-reference sources, either, to make sure what they're sharing is accurate or true.

    I feel the social impact of smart technology is more harmful in how it breaks down communication. I often cannot reach family by calling; I have to reach out to them on 'social' media to get their attention. My SO and family members I see in person spend a lot of time on their phones, even during meals or outings where we're supposed to be spending time together. As the only one not constantly glued to my screen at these times, it's lonely and isolating. It's also frustrating because we don't get a lot of time together. I find myself pointing out little things my SO has missed because he just wasn't paying attention. I don't like having to ask him to put his phone away and it causes contention and hurt feelings. It has its uses but it's easily abused and that is unfortunate. Whole groups of people meant to be together and yet they're self-isolated to their individual screens.

    It reminds me of the book Feed by M.T. Anderson. I really enjoyed it when I read it and I see a lot of parallels between society now and the book's projected future.
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    I wouldn't say necessarily "dumber", but I have noticed that people seem less technological savvy..

    For awhile it was an expected truth that younger people will be more tech savvy - When I was young all the adults around me needed help with anything computer related, my grandmother used to ask my father for help with her VHS player and CDs, and she was still attached to her typewriter, and I remember her making jokes about how her own mother couldn't figure out how to use the typewriter. For the geeks of my age this was still very true - understanding basic computer architecture and how networks work and how memory is stored and processed was absolutely critical, it was a barrier you had to climb over to get anything to work.

    But now there are people who are in their early to mid 20s for whom technology works like magic for as long as they remember, and the technology behind it is completely obscured and out of view. We've gotten really good at designing intuitive interfaces and improving accessibility, and that kind of has the opposite consequence. When everything just works, people don't need to know how it works.
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    Only when you're the user and not the content creator.
    As an engineer it is a real challenge dumbing down my designs so normies can understand and use it.

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    It makes stupid people stupider, smart people smarter.

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    we're dumb by default. I'm destroying my own memory on purpose, because what's the point of exercising it? mobile devices remember for me. nurses will take care of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Introvertia View Post
    we're dumb by default. I'm destroying my own memory on purpose, because what's the point of exercising it? mobile devices remember for me. nurses will take care of me.
    You can say it's on purpose, but it really isn't.

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    Not dumb⁠—but yes for making us lazier. I've also noticed how older generations complain that technology has caused people (especially Millenials and younger) to always want "instant, drop from the sky answers" to their questions and problems rather than taking time to learn about things. You also see such things on Youtube videos, from where viewers bash overly detailed videos for not getting straight to the point.

    It has also resulted in lower attention spans⁠— too many distractions from social media, online gaming, Netflix/streaming, Youtube, etc. Having mobile access from your phone only fuels those distractions as well. Then, I cannot count the number of "Deactivating my profile page" or "Taking a break from X website/app to focus on X" posts I've seen from people. It just shows that such things can take a heavy toll on work/life productivity for many people.
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