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This is a discussion on perC's tech Lounge within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; This actually seems like a nice product, unlike those farted out emulators like NES mini or PS mini....

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    This actually seems like a nice product, unlike those farted out emulators like NES mini or PS mini.

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    I just accidentally found out, that my RX 560 card has 48 watts TDP and 70C thermal target. Considering, that other RX 560 cards are barely any faster and have 75 watts TDP and that this RX 560 could do some 1440p, that's very impressive.

    And yesterday, I found out that Xbox One X, has APU as powerful RX 580 inside and the whole console sips only around 160 watts. That's pretty awesome, because RX 580 alone eats much more than that. GPU part of that console probably eats the most power, because I know that CPU inside runs at barely more than 2GHz and has Jaguar cores, which were used in AM1 platform. Athlon 5350 ate like 25 watts. Minus GPU part of it, CPU should be eating around only 15-20 watts. Double that for Xbox One X due to double core count and we are at around 35-45 watts for CPU alone. 160 - 40 and we have around 120 watts. Minus 20 watts for periphery and we have around 910-100 watts for integrated Radeon GPU, which is as fast as RX 580, but eats two times less power than RX 580. Even after a few years, these numbers are impressive, considering, that they most likely didn't undervolt GPU and left some margin for error, in theory One's card could be even more efficient and be capable of playing games in 4K.

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