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Favourite Field of Science

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  • Anthropology

    180 16.59%
  • Astronomy

    377 34.75%
  • Biology

    345 31.80%
  • Chemistry

    229 21.11%
  • Computer Science

    224 20.65%
  • Earth Science

    147 13.55%
  • Economics

    100 9.22%
  • Engineering

    156 14.38%
  • Genetics

    276 25.44%
  • Geography

    116 10.69%
  • Health/Medicinal

    183 16.87%
  • Linguistics

    192 17.70%
  • Mathematics

    210 19.35%
  • Physics

    398 36.68%
  • Political

    107 9.86%
  • Psychology

    538 49.59%
  • Sociology

    215 19.82%
  • Systems

    69 6.36%
  • Other

    118 10.88%
  • No Preference

    19 1.75%
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This is a discussion on Favourite Field of Science within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; There were many interested fields but now it's completely nano-tech....

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    There were many interested fields but now it's completely nano-tech.

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    I voted for 5 answers: astronomy, biology, physics, political sciences and psychology. Though I don't like getting into technicalities and swotting through pages of higher maths.

    I like cosmic perspective, so I'd love to know about biology, psychology and political systems from other planets. Hope I live long enough to satisfy this curiosity!
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    I voted for sociology and anthropology.

    Sociology because a lot of important tools have been made that are used in anthropology. And on the problematic of gender, most of the works are in sociology.

    Now for anthropology, it's because there is those subdisciplines which are comparative, dynamic, and political anthropology which fascinate me. The latest one is, to me, the most important and a game changer for the analysis of our societies, or so I think. I believe this can allow us to control the future our societies, simply because knowing how the societies evolve would allow us to get ride of false beliefs on the future of our societies.

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    Mostly psychology.

    But I also enjoy reading about biology, and health from time to time. Especially ornithology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. CafeBot View Post
    *You hear a robotic voice comming towards you*

    Computer Science
    Hail Hydra!
    Where the hell did you come from.

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    Computer science

    I'm mostly dealing with computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics and I really like that stuff. Systems is one of the most interesting field that I had the pleasure to learn a bit about (systems science is about modeling, analyzing and designing... systems. There is the "systems science" wiki page for more details). I still remember those crazy plots shown during the lectures (it was a course on analog control)

    Psychology is more a hobby and the potential of what genetics can bring to this world is just huge and super-interesting... the only problem is that some people will misuse it

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