Thoughts on Google+/Anyone got Google+ yet?

Thoughts on Google+/Anyone got Google+ yet?

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This is a discussion on Thoughts on Google+/Anyone got Google+ yet? within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I'm posting this here because I've been testing it out and IMO Google+ is a huge breakthrough in social internet ...

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    Thoughts on Google+/Anyone got Google+ yet?

    I'm posting this here because I've been testing it out and IMO Google+ is a huge breakthrough in social internet technology.

    Anyone else here gotten a chance to check it out?

    PM me if you wanna throw me in a circle of yours or want an invite.

    Anyhow--what do you guys think of it? I think it's destined to blow facebook off the map. Unless they act fast. Which would be REALLY hard.
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    Thanks a lot for telling me about this; I had not even heard of it. It does not surprise me, as social networking was one of the few things it had not really "colonized" yet on the internet.

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    I have Google+. I can already tell it's going to be better than facebook. The circles is a nice feature and it interfaces with the search engine which is nice. Most of all I think the best part about it will be the brief period of time when I dont have a bunch of people on my Google+ that I dont really like, but then again the circles feature allows you to filter through your so called "friends" so it wont really matter. I like it, I can't wait until it has more people.

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    It seems I can get my social life + business done on Google+. I really think it has the potential to blow FB out of the game.

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    I like it. Seems pretty ready to navigate and I realy like being able to post status updated to only certain groups
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khys View Post
    I realy like being able to post status updated to only certain groups
    I like this too. Although if I ever get a G+ account, I will probably only want to add a small amount of people. Because I've deleted about 1/2 of my original 'friends', and blocked about 80% of the rest from my newsfeed on fb.

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    From what i understand this is not Google's first attempt to create a social networking site in competition of another. Google Buzz was an attempt to create their own version of Twitter and failed miserably. Whether this Google + will out-due Facebook is hard to predict. The tipping point for these fads can be as small and trivial as a thread such as this one I am posting in causing a chain effect which will push Google + to surpass Facebook.

    I am hesitant to speculate but I think Facebook because of the number and types of followers involved will remain a formidable entity despite Google's attempts. This is not to say that Google won't be able to take the larger shareholders of the social network arena but unless Facebook gets themselves entangled in more lawsuits or scandals they will not be disappearing anytime in the near future as far as I can tell.

    Let me know when Google √ or Google π is released

    (also as I do not have an actual facebook account I do not see myself bothering with a Google+ account although who knows.. this may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back in my reluctance for joining the fad.)
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    I like Google+ pretty well so far. It's much more intuitive than facebook and I like how it's fairly no-frills. What I've always hated about facebook was the lack of a setting to let you approve comments, picture tags, etc before they showed up. Instead there's just the option for who to make all that visible to. Myspace (and livejournal, to an extent) took care of that just fine and it doesn't make much sense that facebook never implemented a similar feature. I've yet to be inundated by any obnoxious new applications or features that have been way more complicated than they should be to turn off.

    A few things about Google+ don't update right away and the circles method of different friends groups is a bit different at first but fairly intuitive to navigate. A departure from the riffraff that I typically run into on facebook is also another stamp in its favor.

    I don't see this overtaking facebook any time in the near future given how much it has permeated society. The problem being if it does become more popular and all the people who use facebook casually and spam everyone with their chain mail rumor of the day or obnoxious status updates will migrate over. These aren't the types who I would think would take advantage of the circles features and once again the lowest common denominators are back doing what they do. I see Google+ staying strong with the more advanced users with facebook being the more popular choice for the general public.

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    I had a myspace back when nobody was on myspace and I thought it would never take off,lol

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    I'm annoyed. I don't want another profile to maintain. It's obnoxious. I will give in eventually I'm sure (and probably actually like it), but for right now I'm just keeping busy irrationally bashing Google+.

    I feel like my grandmother when we bought her a digital watch because she could no longer read the numbers on her analog watch, and she gave the digital watch back and said that she'd rather just stick with the analog watch she couldn't read.
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