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This is a discussion on ISFJs - boring? within the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Thank you so much for addressing this, I try not to admit it but I even bore myself every time ...

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    Thank you so much for addressing this, I try not to admit it but I even bore myself every time I open my mouth. Whenever I’m with a group of friends I try to do something helpful and practical so that I don’t have to sit with them and worry that I'm being too boring the whole time. When I feel comfortable with people I’m actually really fun, but I’m still worried about being boring and ruining their good time. I’m so happy other people feel that way too!

    We should have an IS_J thread where we can all vent our feelings and sympathize with each other so we can stop repressing and burying them by working extra hard
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    Oh, and ISFJs are my favourite type to see get excited about something. Some of my favourite people on this earth are ISFJs and it just takes a bit of time to get to know them. ISFJs are usually really calm so when they get excited and their eyes light up and their speech pace quickens it’s the most adorable and authentic thing! It makes me a lot happier to see an ISFJ get excited than an ENFP or ESFP who seem to get excited about everything.

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    This is true to me as well, i always think i am too boring for people. I try to say to myself "its not boring, its consistent" but lets be real it must be boring on the outside.

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    You really can't blame something like that on your type. Like an ENTP could be the most boring person you've ever met, how someone gathers and processes information really doesn't say that much. Your personality is so much more than that.

    Find some hobbies, something you have passion for, you don't necessarily have to be good at it. Meet new people. Go outside dude idk.
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    Life needs the stable people. Don't knock yourself for that.
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    I will admit I wasnít excited when I found out I was an ISFJ and read up on the stereotypes and descriptions. I feel like those descriptions are a poor representation of us and donít represent who we truly are. They just see us as less controlling versions of ESFJs. When really we are quietly caring, contemplative, and always put the needs of others before ourselves. I know my close friends and family appreciate me so I donít let the stereotypes bother me too much.

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    I don't think so.
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    i know a few ISFJs and the word "boring" would never come up in my description of them.

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    I'm an isfj and have never seen myself as boring. I consider myself to be smart, funny , caring and talented I'm surprised that some of you think so low of yourselves. Maybe it's not an isfj thing. ..maybe you've allowed your lives and image to become bland in some way? Or could it be a self esteem issue? I think that isfjs are nice and also seen as safe and stable people, but also very warm and lovely to be around. Boring is not a word I associate with isfjs, really.
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    Do some more research with the ISFJs around you. It is one of the more likely types to follow routine (dom Si and all). But with routine comes stability. Use that Ne if you must, if there's one thing ISFJs are good at, it's planning ahead of time and sticking to it. So why not follow the first crazy (yet practical) idea you have? It might be the stereotypes that you're immersing yourself in, a good example is Marge Simpson, she is an ISFJ and finds cleaning fun. However she used to be more fun, then she started finding basic housewife things fun. Be like old Marge, not new Marge! Practical yet willing to go out of your comfort zone.
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