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This is a discussion on ISFJs - boring? within the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Boring is a matter of perspective. They do not entertain you? Are they at least entertaining themselves? lol Perhaps the ...

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Boring is a matter of perspective. They do not entertain you? Are they at least entertaining themselves? lol Perhaps the problem is YOU and not the other people. Stop projecting your issues onto others, and figure out yourself.

    I train in MMA, working on my green belt (past midway point). I love fighting, I love grappling, I love the comradere with my peers. I love the non PC chats we have. Also, teaching those researching their genealogy about pre-1918 and post-1918 European geographical boundaries. Now that shit is fascinating! I could talk your ears off for hours. I also do genetic genealogy, volunteering to help people find their father or parents.

    If that is boring to you, I really don't care.
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    One of my closest friends are an ISFJ. Incredibly warmhearted, considerate, easygoing, attentive, loyal and actually really authentic - you just have to give them some time to open up (my friend is as private as I am). In comparison to me, my ISFJ friend seems graceful, with lots of tact. The only thing that bothers me from time to time with dom/aux Fe, is the fact that they can be passive-aggressive when they're upset and have a hard time letting go of some things, but I just probe some and find it really works being straightforward with them and show them that I'm here if they need to talk. My ISFj friend seems to appreciate it, but my ESFJ familymember usually wallows in self-pity for the longest time and it's extremely irritating.

    Just give the ISFJ room to be themselves. They're always there to support family and friends when they're in need of it. I think it's important not to take ISFJ's for granted. My ISFJ buddy has told me that he feels comfortable around me and is the most honest and unfiltered version of himself and that's just awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by orion83uk View Post
    I have a few friends who are ISFJ.

    One of them works in air traffic control, regularly explorers cities/countries he's never previously been too, and (in terms of things in common with me) is right into cars and computers.

    Another does aerial acrobatics, enjoys geocaching in all sorts of places, has a PhD and always has some random new hair style.

    So if that sounds boring to you...
    There you go! If it weren't for "boring", focused people, who would there be to develop all the cool things in life that dilettantes like me take advantage of?
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    there's some sort of misunderstanding

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