What do you think of INTPs?

What do you think of INTPs?

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This is a discussion on What do you think of INTPs? within the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; based on ones you know, ones on PerC, and/or what you've read about us...

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    What do you think of INTPs?

    based on ones you know, ones on PerC, and/or what you've read about us

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    That they most likely scored as an INTP after filling an MBTI test.
    That's all I think of them.

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    In conversations that I have had with a couple of them I think they can get so focused on the minutiae of an argument that they can end up missing the overall point. Overcomplication - what they likely see as clarification - is an annoying trait of theirs to me (usually because the argument being discussed is one of my own which I have already thoroughly thought about.)

    In a discussion with an INTP I must go through the same details of an argument out loud that I have already gone through in my own head.
    But of course, not all INTP's are like this, and not only INTP's are going to overcomplicate things, it's just what I've seen.

    Besides, I wouldn't really have it any other way, it's important for people to have their details checked in an argument, and I have been forced by INTP's to say that I got a detail wrong or that I need to think about something a bit more - which is what debate was invented for.

    But sorry, not an SJ. Just my two cents.
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    Man, I love INTPs. Same functions, different order and I prefer introverts so basically ideal for me. NTPs naturally assume SFJs are their "complete" opposites and can't possibly have anything in common but I find myself in agreement with NTPs more than most other types (other than other SFJs), it's just that we present our views in different ways. NTPs can come off as insensitive/cold but in the main, what they're saying is what I agree with, they just have a different way of getting there. SFJs to NTPs may come across as pussy footing and not saying what they really mean or feel. That's where the communication issues come in.

    Most my crushes have been INTPs - just the communication and thinking we're totally different species messed that up. My boyfriend is an INTP and we have the same sense of humour, similar life experiences, views etc and I think we bring out each other's strengths but also encourage the growth of our weaknesses.
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    The funniest type.
    I was talking to my INTP buddy today, and he asked: "do you think I'm stubborn?" with a naive look on his face.
    I never laughed so much in my entire life.

    You guys suck so much at Fe. It is endearing. I hope it doesn't come across as condescending, but I don't know how else to put it. You look so calm and easy-going, but are so internally rigid. You guys are also very easy to deal with everybody except me, because I'm a temperamental asshole who likes to push nerdy, quirky people around.

    Hahahaha, shit, I'm just kidding. I love you guys. Even though we tend to be at each other's throats during stupid debates no one else cares about, like the possibility of space colonization.
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    No quarrels so far. It's been pretty good and interesting discussing things with them.

    Also, when they think you're an idiot they just ignore you(this seems to a general IxTPs trait), whilst IxTJs might go apeshit on you. Probably because of Te and its dictative nature. So they'll just ignore me instead of hurting my feelings lol
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    What do you think of INTPs?

    I like INTPs there probably my favorite type of the NT temperament. I find they arenít as intimidating as the other 3 NTs. I have a close friend thatís an INTP and he is great and has a great childlike sense of humor that puts me at ease. At first, we clashed a lot because he was depressed and I think he was in a Fe grip. This caused tension in our relationship because he told lots of inappropriate jokes towards me and didnít understand why they were hurtful. But we were able to get past that and now weíre great friends. He knows Iím an ISFJ and I think we both understand our communication differences. I also like that we have the same functions. I definitely have noticed my Ti/Ne coming out a bit more around him same with his Si/Fe.

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    They make good friends to be around in real life, though I can't rightly say much about them online. Plenty of things to bounce off in conversation.

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    They’d be better if they were more extroverted, but otherwise they’re pretty cool.

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    A work colleague of mine is an INTP. Really lovely guy and I really enjoy working on projects with him. Good taste in whisky too!
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