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What are the reasons for the lack of activity of XSTJ's on the forum?

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This is a discussion on What are the reasons for the lack of activity of XSTJ's on the forum? within the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Originally Posted by AllyKat I think it's true that if you've read descriptions from "good sources" then it's pretty obvious, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllyKat View Post
    I think it's true that if you've read descriptions from "good sources" then it's pretty obvious, but I suspect there are some people who've learned MBTI from poorer sources where the line between INTJ and ISTJ is more blurred. Some of these people may suffer from being mistyped and not know enough about the official theory to realise. There are plenty of INTJ descriptions out there which could easily fit an ISTJ, and that's before you get to many of the online tests which can provide inaccurate results.
    My thought is that whenever an ISTJ is indulged in a topic of interest, the ISTJ studies the hell out of that topic. So that leaves little room for being mistyped. And if the ISTJ is not so interested in MBTI, then the ISTJ wouldn't bother to create an account here or post regularly. If my points were true, then we would conclude that we have very few mistyped ISTJs on this site. Your point though, is very valid. There are many poor sources out there - ironically created by intuitives. And it is possible that there may be some ISTJs with lower Fi/Te levels that care less about productivity and meaningfulness.

    As for putting a different type in your profile, while I've never actually done it, I do wonder how differently people would view my posts if I stuck INTJ (or unknown perhaps) under my name instead. I'd argue there's some practical use in assessing others' biases against you. One of the reasons I, personally, find typology interesting is because it highlights how people misinterpret your words and actions based on their own type or biases. It's too easy to misjudge people based on your own perceptions - and comparative data in that respect I think would be useful. For me, anyway.
    It happens all too often. I've been questioned too many times on this site if I accurately typed other people or if my view is even valid. And I rarely see it happen to intuitives. I've been studying MBTI for over a decade now, and I've been the same type since day one. I've read tons of books, articles, and keep up with videos on the topic. Not just that, but I'm an individual who has lived and experienced many different environments and people. And I'm not saying that I don't make mistakes on typing individuals. But I definitely see common patterns with specific types, and that is one huge point of why I choose to continue to study MBTI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sriracha View Post
    And how would you know that people who mistype as INTJs are ISTJs? .
    I'm talking about friends I know who don't know MBTI at all. They use Si and it's clear. Si is the easiest function for me to recognise in another.
    I agree that ISTJs that study MBTI are unlikely to mistype as another type but some Si-doms have mistyped in the first place. I did, until I actually understood Si or any of the functions outside of an internet test.

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    I have very similar view to you and so are few others here, but i don't think it is enough to draw a pattern from it. I tried to find those patterns myself, but it is probably futile.
    Like i have noticed how XSFP guys often are totally lost. Tend to make a lot of type me threads (Fi interest of their identity, lower Te asking others), which are inconsistent with each other due to how Se sees reality in a moment ( no long term Si introspecton). They also can't relate to pretty trash SFP descriptions as well, so they are lost. SP types are also known from playing of idolized persona and they tend to stick to something like ISTP INTP INTJ etc. It still not enough to say all SFP guys will go through that and will be like that in approach to their typing.

    I interact with Tyche on daily basis since a while and i have no doubt in her typing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sriracha View Post
    And how would you know that people who mistype as INTJs are ISTJs? I think people automatically assume too quickly that mistyped INTJs are ISTJs because it is only one letter away and sensors are seen as less superior to intuitives. People make the assumption too often that sensors want to be intuitives. Putting the INTJ-ISTJ issue aside, many people mistype for many reasons, some which you have listed. And to be quite honest, for many reasons which I will not discuss here, I do not think Tyche is an ISTJ. I will not go into details of why I think that is, because I know members do not like other members questioning their types (it is a rule).
    It's actually more rude to discuss it without tagging the person, even if you're mentioning it because she tagged me.

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by Qonbela View Post
    Just wondering.[IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.personalitycafe.com/images/smilies/1/rolleyes.gif[/IMG]
    I can only speak for myself, but I have been a member here for some time and I retired for a year because of the uncontrolled hatred that was directed at my type among other issues. When I chose to come back and see if anything was different, and it's not really any different except that others left in my absence. The result is that I just don't bother posting very often.
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    People just don't want to be an ISTJ because they're stereotyped as the 'boring personality.'
    Also some people want to be a certain type so they form a biased view from themselves.
    For example, I wanted to be an INTJ but at the end of the day it's just not who I am so I had to accept the fact that I was someone else.

    This might explain why NT/NF types are more common because they are often praised more than the SP/SJ types due to stereotyping.

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    You are writing that from your perspective, but an actual ISTJ's Si (what is)-Te (objectively true)-Fi (authenticity) care about correctness of a typing above anything else. What could be is our inferior after all Shiny cool labels are meaningless for us. That is other personality types thing.
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    they're at work and they dont believe in this hippie dippie crap anyways

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    My ISTJ husband has no interest in personality typing or being on internet forums. *shrugs*

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    I've thought about this question before too. Reasons are:

    1) Often times I type out responses, then end up deleting them as I decided they wouldn't contribute much to the discussion so why bother posting it

    2) Sensor bias (somewhat). Half the times, I'll ignore it mainly due to # 1 and the other half, I'll speak out against it. My default mode with fight or flight is flight though. I'll avoid people when I feel a problem cannot be resolved, which leads to not continuing to post after I've already made my point and it fell on deaf ears.

    3) I mainly post on ISTJ forum because the topics there interest me. I stalk the cognitive functions and MBTI areas a lot too, usually without saying anything. Besides that, I don't visit the other areas too much due to lack of interest.
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