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What are the best subjects to talk with SJs?

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This is a discussion on What are the best subjects to talk with SJs? within the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Originally Posted by Bunniculla What about money? lol I dunno i'm only good at making it not managing it so ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunniculla View Post
    What about money?
    lol I dunno i'm only good at making it not managing it so I couldn't elaborate.. But SJ's love talking about money *Shrugs*
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    The sponduli.

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    Family and relatives for sure—particularly with xSFJs. In terms of the xSFJs that I've hung around, they bought up topics about their family before I even cared to ask. I just further expand the conversation about their family once they bring it up. Many of them also seem to enjoy talking about major attractions or personal experiences in their hometown.
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    Talk to me about cars or/and computers and I'll happily blab on all day.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Depends. Do I have to be PC or will your feelings be hurt? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shale View Post
    Depends. Do I have to be PC or will your feelings be hurt? lol
    No eggshells here please tell lol

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    Asking about their favorite whatevers and hobbies tends to get the ball rolling.

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    I don't like small talk and I will happily talk about strange and wacky concepts, but I'm going to take a very sceptical and grounded view of said wacky thing which might make the discussion awkward for N types.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Subjects depend on my mood at the time and who I am with. I sort of have a sick pleasure out of talking about gross things just for the shock factor ... I regret for maybe a moment, but then that's just who I am. *shrugs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunniculla View Post
    SJs might actually be interested in a lot of the same topics as NTs or NFs but the way they perceive the information just differs. This doesn't mean the result of talking about the same topic differs, and you could have an Intuitive that might not be interested in the same topics as you. Behavior isn't always caused by cognitive functions.

    Personally for me, I loathe the daily gossips, newspaper articles, the how tos of doing things that people think of when they talk about SJ interaction. I much prefer talking about theory, the deeper meanings of what was said, inner musings, the driving force behind actions and the possibilities that could be instead of what just is, and I am an SJ.
    This is spot on for me, as a 25-year old ISFJ.

    I would add something else from an ISFJ perspective. This is about controversial topics (related to politics & morality, for example):

    If I have enough background information about someone, especially if we are good friends, I feel the most comfortable to talk about controversial issues with them. I do like to explore controversial topics if I'm talking with someone whose opinion is somewhat known to me, if I know sort of what to expect.

    I believe that this stems from Fe as a secondary function, because disagreeing with someone who I am not 100% comfortable around causes me a lot of stress.

    So yeah, do not ask as ISFJ (well, do not ask ME) about my opinion on some controversial issue if we've been talking for only five minutes, haha.
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