Model D (mk5)

Model D (mk5)

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    Model D (mk5)

    Thinking and Intuition are superfluous. They correspond to the prefrontal cortex and working memory, so they are always dependent on Sensing functions. Si+ is about object recognition/patterns and scenarios/mental projections. Se+ is about an object's position in space and similarities/differences between objects. Fe+ and Fi+ are emotional responses to these sensory processes. Si+ and Se+ are detailed and specific, Si- and Se- are general.



    Fi+ (Se+) // Si+ (Fe+) ..... strong functions

    Fe- (Si-) // Se- (Fi-) ..... weak functions



    Si+ (Fe+) // Fi+ (Se+) ..... strong functions

    Se- (Fi-) // Fe- (Si-) ..... weak functions



    Se+ (Fi+) // Fe+ (Si+) ..... strong functions

    Si- (Fe-) // Fi- (Se-) ..... weak functions



    Fe- (Si-) // Se- (Fi-) ..... strong functions

    Fi+ (Se+) // Si+ (Fe+) ..... weak functions

    SSS claims that white sensing is about facts, and ILI has 2-dimensional S (or Si) in Model A. I think that is inaccurate. My view is that ILI has very strong Si+ and very weak Si-. He or she typically knows everything about a subject.

    +S — beauty and prettiness (spatial relations), harmony of lines, colours, forms; comfort, convenience, pleasant sensations; sensory delights, pleasure and tactile sensibility; vision of details, aspiration to concretize a scope.

    −S — discomfort and comfort, aesthetics, beauty and ugliness, harmony and disharmony, contrast in sensations; vision of an overall picture and concrete details.

    Se must be related to the parietal lobe. But LII has 1-dimensional Se according to Model A. It doesn't add up.

    Thinking skills

    Gf: Fluid intelligence – reasoning and novel problem solving ability

    Gv: Visual intelligence – the ability to manipulate mental visual images to solve problems

    Doing tasks involving controlled attention, working memory, executive processes, and fluid reasoning (Gf) have been consistently linked in in the research to electrical signalling activity in the prefrontal and parietal lobes of the brain. These findings have resulted in the influential Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory of intelligence (P-FIT).

    Consider Dario Nardi's brain map. Is SEE / ESFP really an Se dominant type?

    brain SEE.jpg

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    extraversion vs. introversion

    right prefrontal cortex: (very) active vs. (fairly) inactive

    theory of mind/"mental state attribution" (Fe) vs. mirror neurons/empathy (Fi)

    the ventral stream (Si) vs. the dorsal stream (Se)


    This is why we have 16 personality types (2 x 2 x 4).

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    left prefrontal cortex: (very) active vs. (fairly) inactive


    We have either 2 subtypes (assertive and humble) or 32 types.

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    Fe deals with "what" questions.

    Fi deals with "how" questions.

    More recently, Christian Keysers at the Social Brain Lab and colleagues have shown that people who are more empathic according to self-report questionnaires have stronger activations both in the mirror system for hand actions and the mirror system for emotions, providing more direct support for the idea that the mirror system is linked to empathy. Some researchers observed that the human mirror system does not passively respond to the observation of actions but is influenced by the mindset of the observer. Researchers observed the link of the mirror neurons during empathetic engagement in patient care.

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    The right side recognizes categories, but rather than placing individuals in categories, it tends to identify ways in which an individual differs from the category, so it is more about nuance.

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    Both Se and Si include temporal-sequential ordering and spatial ordering in Model D mk5.

    The left hemisphere is sequential and the right hemisphere is spatial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellus View Post
    Both Se and Si include temporal-sequential ordering and spatial ordering in Model D mk5.

    The left hemisphere is sequential and the right hemisphere is spatial.
    The left hemisphere is abstract/symbolic and analytic. The right hemisphere is concrete/real and synthetic.

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    The hypothesis that there is a differentiation between the two hemispheres in functionality has been scientifically proven to be false. However, there is a difference between individuals in the neural connectivity between hemispheres.

    Scientifically proven functions of areas of the brain,

    +Te Motor Cortex, function of doing physical actions with the body
    +Fe Brocca’s Area, function of speaking and emotional expression
    +Se Ocular Cortex, function of ocular focus and visualization
    +Ne Frontal Eye Fields, function of controlled peripheral vision and head and bodily orientation
    +Ti Pre-motor Cortex, function of sequential ordering of physical actions with the body
    +Fi Wernicke’s Area, function of language comprehension and internal dialogue
    +Si Somatosensory Cortex, function of sensory processing and object recognition and classification
    Ni+ Temporal Lobe, function of memory and conceptualization of time
    Democratic Increased levels of neural connections between brain hemispheres
    Aristocratic Increased levels of neural connections within the same brain hemispheres
    Hypothalamus Receives feedback of dissonance between brain activity and bodily wellbeing
    Corpus Callosum Primary bridge between hemispheres and interacts with Hypothalamus and Cerebellum to determine which hemisphere is performing better in reference to bodily wellbeing
    Cerebellum Parses millions of concurrent bodily stimuli to the cerebrum to determine errors in cognition in respect to bodily wellbeing
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