Image-Based Socionics Tests

Image-Based Socionics Tests

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This is a discussion on Image-Based Socionics Tests within the Socionics Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I recently found a couple of socionics tests here that give you your type based on your choices between pairs ...

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    Image-Based Socionics Tests

    I recently found a couple of socionics tests here that give you your type based on your choices between pairs of images. I haven't seen them posted anywhere, so I thought they'd be interesting to share.

    To take them, you just have to register on the site (the 2nd link at the top of the light gray bar on the left). It's a really simple process. The site is in Russian, but google translate did wonders for me :D.

    The first test (the very first one on the test page) is the art preference test, and the other one is the pattern test. Were your results accurate?

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    Close. I got ILI with LII subtype. Just switch the type and subtype around and it would be right.

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    I got this on the pattern test:

    Introverted profile || Superid - Superego – Id - Ego

    Dominance : Superid
    Support: - Superego
    Neutrality: Id
    Deficiency: Ego

    I'm not sure if I relate better to the superid or the superego descriptions.

    The art test told me to try again (maybe later).

    EDIT: Here it is

    Type: Balzac, Superid
    Subtype: Robespierre, Superego
    Profile: Introverted

    The intuitive logical introvert (ILI). The Critic. ILI have the ability to abstract and philosophical thinking, noticing contradictions in conclusions and pointing them to others (critics). There is always logical reasoning behind their conclusions. ILI are able to see the ways to get the profit, often they do not take the opportunity. They are naturally sceptical and can pour the cold water on someone whom they believe to be overenthusiastic. ILI are often sceptical about themselves and their own potential too. They appear to be shy, reserved and unenthusiastic.

    The logical intuitive introvert (INTJ). The Analyst. LII are often perfectionists, see the world as a single structured system, where all the elements are logically interconnected. People of this type strain after order and logic in their own mind and around them. LII are able to pay attention to details and work accurately. They have very stiff principles and ideas of justice. These are based on their logic and therefore on the idea of fairness, but not on the moral rules of the society or family. They are ready to defend their principles and will not walk past something they see as injustice. LII put their principles higher than their own interests or interests of their family and the close ones. The Analysts are able to see multiple potential outcomes and are seeking knowledge in wide spectrum of topics. They prefer abstract theories and are a lot less interested in their practical implementation.

    Graphs of the distribution of signs

    75% - Dynamics 25% - Statics
    20% - Extraversion 80% - Introversion
    50% - Rationality 50% - Irrationality

    53% - Logics 47% - Ethics
    38% - Sensing 62% - Intuition

    TPE graphics domination
    35% - Superid 27% - Superego 23% - Ego 15% - Id

    Really interesting.
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    First one (Nonverbal Test):

    Type: Balzac
    , Superid
    Subtype: Robespierre, Superego
    Profile: Introverted

    70% - Dynamics / 30% - Statics
    0% - Extraversion / 100% - Introversion - Haha. This one is totally on point.
    54% - Rationality / 46% - Irrationality - Yeah, I also can't decide on whether I relate more to rational or irrational side of the dichotomy.
    75% - Logics / 25% - Ethics
    8% - Sensing / 92% - Intuition - What?

    TPE graphics domination
    34% - Superid
    30% - Superego
    22% - Ego
    14% - Id

    Second one (Associative Test): Balzac/ILI as well.

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    This is kind of funny- I also got ILI, subtype LII.

    63% - Dynamics
    38% - Statics
    17% - Extraversion
    83% - Introversion
    38% - Rationality
    63% - Irrationality

    80% - Logic
    20% - Ethics
    20% - Sensing
    80% - Intuition

    And for the pattern test: Superego, Id, Superid, Ego.

    This makes me wonder if certain qualities inherently desirable in art, regardless of the sociotype of the viewer, might be influencing the results.

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    I don't want to be paranoid, but here you are with 1 post and the very first thing you do instead of introducing yourself, saying hello etc, you post a link to a test. An astute mind could be lead to think some things.

    Nothing against you, it's just you know...yeah. Enneagram 6 and all.
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    Lol, sorry. I guess I should have said hello first. I was just really excited when I found these tests, and since I didn't see any links to them elsewhere, I was like, "Hey, maybe I'll post them on a forum somewhere and see what people get!" I promise it's nothing bad. (Although if you took the tests and your computer randomly exploded, please let me know.)

    Anyway, I am new here. I've been interested in socionics for quite a while (a couple of years on and off). I've always been interested in the concept of personality type, and I was that weird kid who took personality tests for fun. Eventually I got into Myers-Briggs, which led to my discovery of socionics.

    Lately I've been wondering about methods of determining type aside from verbal tests, self-reflection, interviews, and observation of relationships: something like brain imaging or image preferences, hence my interest in these tests that I found.

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    Meh even if I wanted to, I don't see a "login/register" button.

    But tbh. I got my type(ESI) today on that super difficult/super slippery Socionics Type Assisstant(STA on's not the STA turbo or STA+, it's that one with 200 words or whatever). Hence I need no further confirmation. It' is.

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    Type: Jack London, Ego (LIE)
    Subtype: Balzac, Superid (ILI)
    Profile: Dynamic

    Dynamics (82%) - Statics (8%)
    Extraversion (77%) - Introversion (23%)
    Rationality (67%) - Irrationality (33%)

    Logic (78%) - Ethics (22%)
    Intuition (65%) - Sensing (35%)

    TPE Dominance Chart
    Ego (38%) - Superid (22%) - Eid (21%) - Superego (19%)

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