Keirsey's SP "Artisans"

Keirsey's SP "Artisans"

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    Unknown Personality

    Keirsey's SP "Artisans"

    Keirsey’s SP “Artisans”
    David Keirsey explains the temperaments at great length, but his descriptions can get long-winded and confusing. His SP “Artisan” temperament can be summarized thus:

    Communication: Concrete
    You talk about people, things, and the general here and now.
    Implementation: Utilitarian
    You favor practicality and what works over the human aspect and social approval.
    Character: Artisan
    You are concerned with the real world and what pays off, but not so much with why and how.

    Language: Harmonic
    You speak lightly and pleasantly.
    Referential: Indicative
    You refer to things in a very direct, basic, to-the-point manner.
    Syntactical: Descriptive
    You speak in concretely illustrative terms.
    Rhetorical: Heterodox
    You explain your views from a fresh, new perspective.

    Intellect: Tactical
    Your strength lies in optimizing your immediate environment; improvising.
    Directive Role: Operator (xSTP)
    Your goals tend to be expedient and project-oriented; you are more authoritative.
    Expressive Role: Promoter (ESTP)
    You are the ultimate persuader; advertising, politics – you name it.
    Reserved Role: Crafter (ISTP)
    You are equipment- and action-oriented, quietly mastering technique-related skills.
    Informative Role: Entertainer (xSFP)
    Your goals tend to be more creative and artistic; you are extremely spontaneous.
    Expressive Role: Performer (ESFP)
    You are more people-oriented in your improvisation; you shine when putting on a show.
    Reserved Role: Composer (ISFP)
    You are more of the artistic type, with a great eye for aesthetics and beauty.

    Education: Artcraft
    You prefer to learn about hands-on subjects: drawing, woodshop, etc.
    Preoccupation: Technique
    You focus on perfecting your method at certain things: playing an instrument, a sport, etc.
    Vocation: Equipment
    You are happiest when working with machines, instruments, and anything you can operate.

    Present: Hedonism
    When thinking about the moment, you feel that what is pleasurable is good.
    Future: Optimism
    You aren’t concerned with anything too far ahead and face each new moment with confidence.
    Past: Cynicism
    You tend not to find patterns in the past; you view life as risky and entirely a matter of chance.
    Place: Here
    You like to be at the center of things, in the midst of the action.
    Time: Now
    You always seize the day and feel there is no time like the present.

    Self-Esteem: Artistic
    You like yourself most when you see yourself as creative in your improvisation; graceful, fluid.
    Self-Respect: Audacious
    You respect yourself most when you and others see you as bold, daring, and adventurous.
    Self-Confidence: Adaptable
    You feel the most confident when you are able to adapt in changing circumstances.

    Being: Excited
    You love adventure and hate boredom.
    Trusting: Impulse
    You go with your first instinct; impulsiveness makes you feel alive.
    Yearning: Impact
    You ultimately want to have great social impact; you want to feel potent, statement-making.
    Seeking: Stimulation
    You are always looking for ways to arouse your senses; variety is the spice of your life.
    Prizing: Generosity
    You derive great pleasure from giving to others.
    Aspiring: Virtuoso
    You dream of becoming an ace in your field, to achieve technical mastery.

    Social Role
    Mating: Playmate
    In relationships, you seek to lighten up your partner and want to give pleasure and excitement.
    Parenting: Liberator
    As a parent, you want your kids to have freedom above all else.
    Leading: Negotiator
    In leadership positions, you are the ultimate negotiator and troubleshooter.

    From Please Understand Me II, by David Keirsey.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    I relate very strongly to Keirsey's SP temperament, particularly self-respect in Audacity, self-esteem in Artistry, and self-confidence in Adapting. Also yearning for Impact and prizing Generosity. Those are two of my main personal goals/values.

    It took me a while to admit I'm a Hedonist, though. :D


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