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  1. Generation Z Forum
    Alright, since 2000s nostalgia is poised to dominate the internet soon I've been pondering how it may go down. Perhaps you remember seeing 90s kids and how full of themselves they were in the early 10s, I'm curious as to if the 00s kids will be different in terms of behavior.
  2. Generation Z Forum
    Everyone says a decades influence will bled into the early part of the next decade. Then the core years of the decade, and when there is development of the next decade. People say 90s stuff continued in the 00s while som say 10s stuff was introduced in the 00s. Here's how it works: Late 90s...
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    Generation Z Forum
  4. Generation Z Forum
    Do any of you late 90s borns consider the 7th gen consoles (Wii, DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP) apart of your childhood? And I know you guys started off with 6th gen consoles (Gamecube, GBA, PS2, Xbox). I'm 15 going onto 16 and I remember getting a Nintendo Wii in first grade.
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    The Generations
  6. The Generations
    Hey there, I registered here because I've been reading this forum for like two years and I always read that 2000s babies (specially those born on Late00') aren't 2000s kids. I'm going to tell you my specific case. I was born in Sep 2000, which makes me a Late 2000 baby. I would define my...
  7. Generation Y Forum
    Post the best songs from 2000s and 2010s that you heard. To me the best songs are - greenday wake me up (2003), 30sec to mars - edge of the earth(2002), eminem - love the way (2010), coldplay - the sky full of stars(2014)(the best), jb - u smile (2009)..
1-9 of 9 Results