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  1. Question for my 5w6 people: How many relationships did you have before finding the right person?

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    I know that this is a big generalization, but from what I've read, it seems like people with 5w6 type have a tendency to be emotionally detached/unavailable, which can be challenging for fostering intimate relationships. In my opinion, the only way for a person to resolve this is if they...
  2. [Enneagram Type 5] Type 5s and Trauma

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    Hi again, I've been really interested to know if any type 5s have been through any type of trauma. If so, how did you process it? For example, did you process by going into a more unhealthy 5 or into stressed 7? Did you obsess over what happened and try to figure it out, or did you numb out?
  3. ISFJ and Type 5: Is it possible?

    Head Triad - Types 5,6,7
    I'm an ISFJ and an Enneagram Type 5 (possibly 5w6) but apparently it's really rare and I can't seem to find anyone who also fits these two types. Is anyone else here an ISFJ and Type 5?
  4. Hello guys! Another INFP here...

    I don't really know how to introduce myself properly, but I hope I'm not too bad :) So I am a twenty-year-old INFP girl who likes kpop, playing with her dog and watching random youtube videos. I used to be really into anime, but not so much lately :| I'm very shy and uninteresting tbh lol
  5. [Enneagram Type 5] Enneagram 5 - Advice for Chronic pain / anxiety

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    Hello Guys, My partner is an INTJ 5w6 SP/SX. He is the typical intellectual, skeptical and reserved 5. He has a tendency to experience high anxiety (that he tries to hide) when he is confronted to situations he can not control and will be very fatalistic in some cases. As he is Self...
  6. INTJ 8w9? 1w2? 5w6?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hey there I'm pretty new to this typology thing, I started looking into this last night and have probably spent about 10 hours now researching. I found out about the 16 types because I googled "Devils Adovocate personality". I've been often known by my family as a devil's advocate and I do...
  7. Textbook ENFP who thinks she is 5w6 sx/so but isn't sure about her tri-type :O

    EDIT: I MEANT 7w6. oops Hi everybody! I'm Sarben. I'm 27. Will be 28 next month. (Nooo!) Here's a bit about me: Born and raised in Arkansas without an accent. Recently moved to Washington state. On my first MBTI test when I was 17 I got ENFJ. I tested again in college as ENFP and have...
  8. Newbie here, what am I? (Enneagram)

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Hello. I created a thread in the "whats my personality type" forum and figured that the info in there might just meet the requirements for this subtopic. In terms of finding my enneagram type. So, Type me: Let me start by saying that whatever it is i am about to type will not be directly link...
  9. 5w6 vs 5w4?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Basically, here are the reasons why I could be... 5w4 - I like emotions, as long as I can analyze them from afar - I see myself as an unloveable person - I search for the meaning in the world - I'm secretly sensible and romantic - I like to understand the misery in the world - I feel...
  10. 5w4 vs 5w6? I'm stuck!

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I've always identified myself as 5w6. The only thing that makes me think that I could possibly be 5w4 is my own emotions. I don't "typically" feel like a Four, I don't like feeling too much, I'd rather be calm and neutral. And I don't really trust my feeling when I make decisions, I think...
  11. [Enneagram Type 5] What are the differences between the INTJ and INTP 5s?

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    I wish to know based on theory or observable differences as I read somewhere that Ti represents 5s more than Te. I also read that Ni embodies type 4 before 5. So. How would an INTJ 5 differ from an INTP 5, while considering the 4 and 6 wing?
  12. College Major Help? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Hi, my name is Niko and I'm currently a second semester Freshman. I thought I had it all figured out: I was a Psychology Major on the pre-med track at my University, but then I realized something; I REALLY hate Biology. Now, I have no idea what I want to do with my life (since that's probably a...
  13. Ni-Fe 4s, 5s and 9s.

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Do Ni and Fe make it harder for you guys to figure out who you are? Identity wise. 9s, are 9s usually aware of their loss of identity in general? 4s, do you find yourself compulsively searching for an identity? 5s, do you find that you pay attention to your intriguing ideas and realise that...
  14. INFP 5w6

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hello, i'm new with MBTI and Enneagram and I learned recently that I am an INFP with an Enneagram of 5w6. I heard this combination is pretty rare. Even tho I don't always feel like an INFP, every test that I took told me that i am one. Do you think this is because there is not a lot of 5w6 INFP...
  15. Can't find direction or type (description)

    What's my personality type?
    As a person soon to be college bound and supposedly self efficient, I'm not really ready for that. I have no real motivation that allows me to achieve basic expectations and basic grade level courses and I still haven't managed to figure out where I'm going with my life and it is slowly...
  16. 3w4 or 5w6?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    I just took a tritype test and got 3w4, 5w6, 1w9. 3w4 was my dominant, and it relates pretty well to me, I think. So... Which is my real dominant? My original typing of 5w6, or 3w4? If you see something other than those two options really standing out, let me know. Please be detailed in your...
  17. Finally! A place where INFJ/p 4w5's aren't Lie-Detector'd

    I've been testing and typing my personality, and having others test it, on and off since I was 13. In the years of Tumblr Special Snowflakes—which tragically coincided with the years I went from hating to loving myself—I stunted my "permission" to myself to ever post on these websites, because...
  18. Breaking: new member

    Heyyo! I've been a PerC lurker for three or four years and I'm finally joining. I'm yet another INTJ 5w6. Um... my favorite fruits are grapefruit, mangoes, and dates. Here are my latest Keys2Cognition test results, if anyone's interested: extraverted Sensing (Se) ******************** (20.6)...
  19. [Enneagram Type 5] "Feelings"

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    5s, I understand you guys are not comfortable expressing your inner emotional states.. what about other peoples emotions, do they affect you in any way? To simplify, I'm asking you guys how Fe affects you. Do you feel more comfortable dealing with others emotions than your own emotions...
  20. Ayyyyeeee. Female INTP. New here and don't really know what to say (surprise, right?)

    Female INTP here, trying to figure things out and learn a bit on the way to help appease the knowledge beast. If you care to read, here's a little bit about me... Pretty sure I'm a 5w6 and certain I'm INTP, however, I do have very well developed Fi and Fe. I'm a pretty great artist (if I do...