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    habitual add ons
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    I'm an addict, I admit it. I have a serious problem (ok, by "problem" I mean, problems). This is the first step of the 12. Check. The two major problems I have (that I'm aware of at the moment) are my two sacred addictions: love and insomnia. Recently I have gone through certain situations...
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    DO INTP'S PLAY VIDEO GAMES MORE THAN OTHER PERSONALITY GROUPS? I go through phases but have at times been totally absorbed by a video game. I was totally addicted to MMORPG's. (online adventure games with other live humans from all over the world) Still am, but have been on the wagon for...
  4. General Psychology
    Are "out-of-control" behaviors symptoms of multiple personality disorders? People usually associate multiple personality disorders, or dissociative identity disorders, with something more bizarre, like having an adult slip into the mind of a five year old. In a similar case, can it be argued...