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  1. A little bit confusing... (And confused).

    What's my personality type?
    Welp. I took the 16personalities test years ago (Many years), and my results since then were always XNFP. Sometimes ENFP, other times INFP, but always 51-49% E or I. The NFP part would normally be 85-95% NFP. Later, after wanting to discover more about myself, I went after reaching deeper...
  2. Please delete this

    What's my personality type?
    I got confused and posted this in the wrong forum.
  3. Heredity/Famous People Family Tree Mapping

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Ever since I found out that quite a few of my friends are the exact same type, wing, and stack as one of their parents, my belief in the complete heredity (i.e. all nature, no nurture) of enneagram has been deepened. There's not a lot of discussion about this overall and I haven't found, well...
  4. 101 Dalmatian Street Pups and the Enneagram

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    So I noticed just how well the pups (minus Dorothy, Dizzy/Dee Dee, Triple D and The Dimitri trio) fit the Enneagram. ONE - DYLAN: It's pretty obvious right off the bat that Dylan's a one. Sure, he could be mistaken as a six because of his anxiety problems but he's pretty much the eldest and...
  5. Subjectivity of Psychological Science & and Type Searching

    Myers Briggs Forum
    ^ This is a link to a brief talk by Michael Pierce about why some people struggle to type themselves. I think as an INTJ (or whatever fckn type I am), subjective confirmation of type is partially acceptable and partially... not inevitable enough. Pierce's discussion of how different functions...
  6. [ESFP] Do you agree with this Analysis or Description of how we tend to be?

    ESFP Forum - The Performers
    I personally find the description of ESFPs at times to be inaccurate. But feel this description is accurate of how I am. What's your take? Source: Insights Into The ESFP Personality That You Should Know
  7. Your SPEAR Personality Type

    What's my personality type?
    Scientist deploying a new social personality test Hi. My name is Brian and I'm a scientist who is rolling-out a personality system based on the latest insights from neuroscience, which is transforming our understanding of what drives personality. This is our personality tool...
  8. [ESTJ] Character Questions for Type Analysis

    ESTJ Forum - The Guardians
    Hello, ESTJs! I’m starting a kind of study of all the types to truly understand and see similar and different approaches, and to also have some insights for character stories I have in mind. And, of course, because I'm curious :wink:. Hopefully some day I can compile the info so that everyone...
  9. I love my INFJ mother, and we have loads of disagreements!

    I'm INFP, and my mom is INFJ. We get along well, and we both have a really good time doing silly things and talking about anything, really. Sometimes, though, we are deaf to each other, and it's when we're using strong iNtuition and Feeling. As part of our good relationship, we naturally...
  10. INFP and INFJ Friendship

    I'm the INFP in this case! My INFJ friend was my best friend for a few years, and I suppose she still is! We've adopted different ways of living since the start of our relationship. We officially became friends when I made dinner for her and took it to her at a concert she was required to...
  11. ENTPS and knowledge

    General Psychology
    Does anyone else feel like they have to pretend to be something else just so they don't live a lonely life? Is anyone else so strange that they can't even let anyone in? Is there no one other than us that understands the importance of knowledge? I don't care about how many likes your ass...
  12. [ENTP] ASPD or just ENTP?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Hey, ENTPs! So, I had a few questions concerning your personality type, considering one of my new closest friends is (I believe) an ENTP. I'm an INTP myself, and I am completely fascinated by this friend of mine. But, I only have one concern... Does he have anti-social personality disorder? I...
  13. Do I seem like an INTP female? (Based on description and pictures)- Layers Analysis

    What's my personality type?
    Based on my profile biography and pictures, on first impression, what type do I come across as? I identify with the 'cold logic' associated with INTPs yet I can be utterly silly, seeking 'risk and thrill'. (Like trekking across haunted forests for first dates or being so fascinated with the...
  14. How much does MBTI know us??

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I was wondering, if you would approximately guess a number of how much percentage of your personality can be described by your MBTI personality type?
  15. INFP, or what?

    What's my personality type?
    Beware. Rambling Liking the weather for what it brings, the attention to the fact that everything will pass in time. The rain leaving the air crisp and clear, the mind fresh and anew. It's something I take for granted, like so many things in my life. My family suffers from this to the extent...
  16. "Interview"

    OK, so I decided to make this because lately, my head's been saying yes to fascism in light of what I've been seeing on YT out of boredom and from their criticisms of the news (and overall because I suck at politics), but my heart still says no, in part because I would not be perceived as highly...
  17. Am I being manipulative? I'd like an objective analysis.

    Cognitive Functions
    Hi, I'm a twenty year old guy. I'm an INTP (possible ENTP) and I may have narcissitic personality disorder. Although I am a much happier and nicer person than I used to be, recent events have caused me to question myself. Before I get into said recent events, here is a bit of background about...
  18. ENTP'S: Tell me about yourself.

    Cognitive Functions
    Anyone who is an ENTP or knows the ENTP personality well: Tell me about what it's like to be ENTP. What are your mannerisms, dreams, quirks, pet peeves, etc? (i've been struggling whether to type myself as istp/entp/estp so I want to know more.) GO GO GO!!!
  19. Mars Trilogy MBTI

    Guess the type
    Not sure if there's already a thread for these books by Kim Stanley Robinson, but I wanted to know what you guys thought about the character's personality types. I'm almost finished reading Red Mars, the first book in the trilogy, so I'm not as familiar with the characters and help/discussion...
  20. Can anyone offer an analysis? 3w4 7w8 8w7

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Links are also appreciated for this tritype.