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    On reddit I've seen that a lot of INFPs are libertarian socialist (anarchist) or socialist in general. Is this a thing? Are most INFPs leaning to the left? I know I am. I despise capitalism and run an art collective with my partner through which we cover protests, run a webzine, and campaign for...
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    Communism- completely equal society(not the soviet union) Capitalist- society governed by monetary power Anarchist- no society, completely free to do anything(but so is everyone else)
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    What is your type and political affiliation?
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    Hello all! My name is Day and I am new to this community and I would love to make friends! I am a genderfluid queer person living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm an anarchist/feminist, I'm a musician, artist, and animal enthusiast. Gingko is my favorite plant, silkmoths are one of my favorite...