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  1. My Jungian archetype is the Creator. What is yours? [12 Jungian archetypes free online test]

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    This test determines your most prominent Jungian archetype. It will also correlate data with the MBTI types. What is yours? Try the test here
  2. I Did My Own Tritype Collages

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hey there! Do you remember those tritype collages on Tumblr and available on many other blogs with the beautiful pics and with each template having a dominant color scheme? Here is an example :
  3. Personifying the Psyche

    Cognitive Functions
    I just want to say at the beginning that, while this post specifically applies to novels, it doesn't necessarily need to. I'm aiming to present a theory on how the cognitive functions of a person might be personified, not just for writing but in any place where it might be used. * * * As an...
  4. Astrological Planetary Archetypes vs. Jung-based Typologies

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Astrological Planetary Archetypes vs. Jung-based Typologies This is a comparison of eight of the core astrological 'archetypes' to the actions and information types, and cognitive functions of Jung-based typologies. For the uninitiated, the planetary archetypes correspond to the planets in...
  5. Archetypal subtypes examples.

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I want to get some examples of each enneagram subtype. Some Fictional ones are preferable since they fit the archetypes easiest especially if they're well-known but real examples are great too. Pitch in, this sounds fun and also potentially educational? If you can, post a video or something with...
  6. Archetypes | 36% Visionary, 36% Creative, 28% Explorer

    What is the Explorer Archetype? Adventurer | Traveler | Conservationist | Survivor | Gearhead | World Citizen | Searcher | Wanderer Adventure is worthwhile in itself," said Amelia Earhart, and against all odds she created a life of adventure for herself, until those odds finally won. Just days...
  7. [INFJ] Do you discover meaningful insights from your dreams? [Lucid Dreaming? (*defintion*)]

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    About a week ago, I woke up from this terrible nightmare. In the nightmare, I along with other people, was kidnapped by a fanatical homicidal cult leader. Before he was able to off me; I found a "justifiable" reason, that the cult leader found acceptable and agreed to let me lie down. Then...
  8. 12 character archetypes as pairs of opposites

    Tagging @Animal and @Veggie in case you guys find this interesting. Just a thought. Was looking at this from Jung's (?) 12 character archetypes and it occurred to me that we can think of the 12 types as 6 pairs of opposites where each pair has overlapping sentiments even if their ultimate...
  9. INFP and Assuming an Inferior Role

    This is the real reason why I felt compelled to write all of this. It is the spark, I guess. In this video, the idea is presented that the main reason why INFPs feel the need to be someone else is because they represent the feminine. I agree with this to a point. It sparked quite a few...
  10. [INFJ] What Do You Get Out of Myers-Briggs? How do you "use it"? - asks friend.

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    "What do you guys use MBTI for? Do you really think the 4 letters can really describe a personality?" I was tempted to write an essay xD But I was more curious to hear what you guys had to say. (I was looking for a similar thread...I couldn't find it? Which seems odd...) So how would you...
  11. Debate on the true nature of "shadows"

    Cognitive Functions
    ok, now to get feedback on an opinion of mine about the shadow. I'll use INTJ as my primary example, but it's the system of shadow relations I want to emphasize here. firstly, I'll quote an older post of mine to sum up my belief on what I consider the misconception that the shadow is simply...
  12. [INFJ] Anima/us for the INFJ (Other types welcome too)

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Moderators please delete... I moved my post to the existing thread here