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  1. INTP with a gambling streak and an analysts mind

    Hi fellow INTP’s. My discovery this year about my specific personality type has been a bit of a revelation. A positive one. It is a relief to understand that many of my traits and tendencies are at least in part due to how my brain functions and how INTP’s process the world around them...
  2. A lost INFP trying to introducing itself..

    Hi guys, I am a brazilian, with 24 years, who lives in a land of ESFPs, what drives me really crazy. I discovered the MBTI when I was studying psychology for one year and I got the QUATI test in the class and guess what? I got the INFP :dry:. Since the last year I've been looking for...
  3. What is the personality type of architect Sir. Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Guess the type
    He seems to be an ENTP... agree?
  4. Personality Type of Zaha Hadid, Architect

    Guess the type
    What is the type of Lady Hadid?
  5. [INFP] INFP as an Architect?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Currently in my second semester and it is kicking my ass. This last assignment is proving to be the most difficult one yet and I am plagued with thoughts more than ever (or usual) of whether I'm cut out for this. Of course my stubborn nature wouldn't dare let me give up, lest I wanna face the...