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  1. [ENTP] ASPD or just ENTP?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Hey, ENTPs! So, I had a few questions concerning your personality type, considering one of my new closest friends is (I believe) an ENTP. I'm an INTP myself, and I am completely fascinated by this friend of mine. But, I only have one concern... Does he have anti-social personality disorder? I...
  2. Spotting ASPD/Sociopaths/Psychopaths

    General Psychology
    My question is: How do you visually spot ASPD(Anti-social Personality Disorder) spectrum/Sociopaths and Psychopaths? What answers to questions do they typically give? What questions could reveal ASPD? I'm interested in hearing from 1) people who actually know someone with this condition very...
  3. Series Questions for Sociopaths

    General Psychology
    I have questions for those who know that they have ASPD (Antisocial/Dissocial Personality Disorder), as there are a huge amount of people with this condition. I've been learning more about it, but I still have questions. If you have this condition... Can you easily spot others with this...
  4. I Think There's a Decent Likelihood I Could Be a Psychopath - Is This Justified?

    General Psychology
    I've had a general interest in typing something like this for awhile, though that's also been characterized by a lot of general reluctance for a few reasons; I suppose most specifically I feel a bit guilty about most of what I want to state, and don't want the general quality of my character...