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  1. Wentworth Prison - MBTI Types?

    Guess the type
    I haven't seen much talk about this show's characters' MBTI types, so I'm curious as to what you guys think about them. Please put some sort of a warning if there are spoilers, as I'm currently only on season 2. What do you think the characters' types are?
  2. Poems

    It's been said that we can all influence about at least 10,000 people during our lifetime. The following poems that I have written, are dedicated to honouring influential Australians who have had an impact on many more lives than that, with their commitment of service to Australia.
  3. Australian MBTI Types

    Guess the type
    I don't know how many other Australians are on Personality Cafe, but I thought we could have a thread for discussing the MBTI types of famous/well-known Australian figures. Here are my viewpoints: Kevin Rudd: INFP (Yep, Australia actually had an INFP as a Prime Minister). Tony Abbott: ISTJ...
  4. Hi all. I'm an 18yo Aussie INTJ and I'd like to meet some nice ENTPs and ENFPs

    I just turned 18 last month and I'm from Australia. I really like ENTPs and ENFPs for their dominant Ne function since they compliment the vigour of the inquiries that my Ni and Ti set me on well. I've also found that I get along with INFJs and INFPs quite well. My interests are philosophy...
  5. Faith

    Faith is the invisible spirit, which beckons and inspires us to do great deeds. It is a belief without proof, a conviction of truth. It leads, it nurtures, it inspires the mind. The certainty, loyalty which we devote to this clear sighted guide, transpires in showing us the way, in this ever...
  6. Courage

    Courage is not the spawn of recklessness. It is the marriage of persistance and self-sacrifice. I use honour as my shield and faith as my sword. Courage stands as a testament, a citadel, to those who share in its brilliant voice. In the halls of history, there is no greater glory, than...
  7. Honour

    Great is the virtue of honour. It excels in its beauty, has clarity of purpose, the simplest vision and is able to hold many spellbound. For some it is a code of conduct, for others it is a promise kept and many see it as the difference between right and wrong. It is like a white horse statue...
  8. Hope

    Your destiny is immutable. You and I see the moon and beyond, the glistening stars that say, the universe is yours, the challenge for tomorrow, is the destiny within, that is awaiting, a clarity that bespeaks a yearning for a greater future, a shining light for all to see. That shining light is...
  9. [INFJ] Fresh INFJ Introducing myself, 27 M from Brisbane :-)

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi all, this is my first post and time being on the forum so hope I'm in the right place. My name is Wade, I'm 27 and from Brisbane, Australia. I have only just taken a few different tests and found out I'm an INFJ. I've been reading up all about our type and it's like someone secretly wrote...
  10. Marc - INFP from Sydney Australia

    I have a very strong "T" ability. I was the only kid in my secondary school exams (higher school certificate it's known as here) that did both the highest level of english & the highest level of maths. INP are all definite, but T & F vary dependent on mood. I think what is going on is that I...
  11. Ridiculous Hypothetical Scenarios

    Science and Technology
    I'll start. Step 1. What if all of humanity unanimously agreed to "wall off" each continent, and destroy all evidence of their being anything beyond those walls. (think Greatest Wall of China or Attack on Titan.) Step 2. All of humanity successfully keeps their children from learning anything...
  12. G'Day INTP from DownUnder

    Hello. I've been browsing PersonalityCafe for a while now, ever since I found out that I'm a massively uncommon female INTP personality type who always wondered why everything and everyone seemed to be far-fetched and utterly insane. Coming onto this site and reading about other INTPs has made...
  13. INFJ with an INTJ addiction =P

    Okay, it seems this is where I say hello, so: hello! I'm an INFJ and it appears to be that I have an addiction to INTJ men (particularly Taurus INTJs - I now find myself curious as to whether there is a pattern or correlation between star signs and MBTI... Hm). Haha. I am twenty-two and love...
  14. New ISFJ here! c':

    Hello! My name is Chany and I live in a little suburb in Southeastern Australia. I'm actually new to the personality type thing; I've known about it for awhile but I never ventured too far in the subject to really know about myself. I've taken various personality tests, and I've always been on...
  15. "Hey mates!" (Another ENFP through the conveyor belt)

    ... Greetings ladies and gents. My name is Jono and I live in Melbourne. Currently I am in class trying to waste time until next period. Thinking about this cute INFJ girl at my school LOL. This place seems cool so yeah. :cool:
  16. Any Australian NT people on this site?

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    WARNING: sales question here! Hello all NT people! Are you in Sydney, Australia? Yes, this post is to sell you something: an idea... I am starting a business incubator specialising in organisational psychology and team design. I believe that the single most important thing NT people can do for...
  17. Aussie ENFP here

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd say G'day! Being the ENFP that I am, I've been procrastinating hardcore the past few days searching through this forum, and must say although I'm hating myself for not getting any study done, definitely finding this pretty interesting. :) Anyhow, hope you guys are...