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  1. Real life examples of how each of the 16 types can use the functions in healthy ways?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've read general summaries of healthy/unhealthy versions of the 16 types and have my own speculations about how those can be demonstrated by specific behaviors in real life, but I'm curious to see how other people have experienced healthy versions of any of the 16 types-- specifically, what...
  2. How could someone who is dumb and pleasure-seeking still have dominant/auxiliary Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've noticed that most people agree upon xxTP for certain TV show characters that aren't necessarily considered smart, intellectual, or curious like most dominant/auxiliary Ti users tend to be. For example, there seems to be a general consensus that Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men is ESTP...
  3. Inferior Functions vs Unhealthy Dominant/Auxiliary Functions??

    Cognitive Functions
    How can you tell whether someone is using an inferior function or an unhealthy version of their dominant/auxiliary function? For example, if someone is emotionally unstable and consistently avoiding certain things in life in order to preserve their state of well-being and keep a happy emotional...
  4. XNXJ's: having Ni as aux or dom function; how does Ni interact with Fe and Te?

    Cognitive Functions
    Hello. What exactly is the difference between Fe-Ni and Te-Ni and Ni-Fe and Ni-Te? I know the difference between Fe and Te, but exactly how do each of them interact with Ni (as aux or dom)?
  5. How the dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions interplay?

    Cognitive Functions
    Is it that the auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions are used in ways that support the dominant? Or that they are used less frequently/less intensely than the dominant? Or are they just less-developed? Can one's dominant function be poorly developed but just used frequently as the go-to...
  6. Dominant and Auxiliary Functions: how they work together?

    Cognitive Functions
    Just curious to see if my current understanding of the dominant and auxiliary functions makes sense/is appropriate: Lead Judging (focused on understanding info/ideas) Dominant Te = goal is to interact with the external world to understand unbiased (often objective) reasons With auxiliary Si =...
  7. Interpreting the 8 cognitive functions of the MBTI

    Interpreting the 8 cognitive functions of the MBTI: The Sensing and Intuition functions are about perceiving information, with the Extraverted functions perceiving novel info and the Introverted functions perceiving familiar info * Sensing= prefers to process facts, experiences, and observable...
  8. How the Dominant and Auxiliary Cognitive Functions Manifest

    Cognitive Functions
    First, understand which category you fall under: Category 1 = Uses clues in external world to comprehend info, uses personal understanding to make judgments/decisions (extraverted perceiving, introverted judging -> good at thinking on the spot) Category 2 = Uses personal understanding to...
  9. [ENTP] How do I strengthen my Fe?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    When my Fe is active, I can change the mood of my whole environment and make everyone just feel amazing. For me that is a lot of fun. But I still didn't figure out how I can activate my Fe on will or even strengthen it. It often comes when I have vacation and don't have to spend any thoughts on...
  10. The great Te-hunt

    Cognitive Functions
    I'm specifically looking for examples of how auxiliary Te (INTJs, ISTJs) manifests itself. They could be real life examples of aux Te in yourself or people you know. Feel free to share anything you can think of, it's much appreciated. I'm not looking for explanations or definitions of Te, but...
  11. CBC's Heartland characters

    Guess the type
    There's no thread on this yet, maybe because it's a Canadian show? I think Amy has dominant or auxiliary feeling, she's always getting sore or being annoying for some reason or another. (coming from an INFP haha, for some reason though I'm not partial to my own type in films/shows) She's...
  12. Can your tertiary function to be better developed than auxiliary function?

    Cognitive Functions
    Title should explain it all, but if further clarification is needed: I'm an ENFP, and sometimes I feel like I have a better grasp of my Te than I do of my Fi. Sometimes I'm not entirely sure what I value or consider important. However, I have a good understanding of Te, and how to organize my...
  13. [INTP] What are your dominant and auxiliary functions?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    As a young adult INTP, my preferences seemed to come very quickly when I was reading up on the dynamics of personality. I believe that my dominant preference is P. Looking back I consistently am internally priding myself in my ability to perceive. I love to take in new information that will add...

    Cognitive Functions
    Good morning! INTRODUCTION: I wrote this thread to ask and (hopefully) learn more about Introverted Judging functions (Introverted Thinking [Ti] and Introverted Feeling [Fi]) that are someone's 2nd cognitive function* (ESTP and ENTP; ESFP and ENFP). * The 2nd cognitive function is described...
  15. Doesn't introversion or extroversion apply only to one's dominant function?

    Cognitive Functions
    A lot of us tend to view introversion or extroversion in its broadest sense. That is, we have an idea that if a person is I type, he's considered introverted in all areas of life. This seems wrong. I'm INTP because I'm Ti-dom. This means that I'm introverted in my thinking, but can have...
  16. How does Ni show itself?

    Cognitive Functions
    I am asking this because I would like to know how does Ni work; how does it manifests itself when giving the "A-ha!" moment. Frankly speaking I have never really known how does Ni show itself - I mean, it just comes, right? I am asking Ni doms (INFJ, INTJ) how does this "A-ha" moment presents...