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    would you wish to hear? Question :computer:If you were stranded on an Island for a year, which 10 songs would you wish to hear? :carrot:
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    I'm so old I was one of the first AOL chat users. Also, I was on Google and eBay almost from its inception, but I can't take credit for either: An incredible human being, David Rivera, knew where that was heading before I had heard of those places; he's maybe 10 years younger than me, so...
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    Hello! I am a design student in Detroit Michigan and for my senior capstone project I am working on a design for the baby boomer generation's retirement living experience, and I have a 6 question short answer survey. Any feedback is so helpful and I really appreciate anyone taking time out to...
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    Anyone has any constructive advice?
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    I was born late in the year in 1964 in the cusp of two generations. So, would it be better to be a young Baby Boomer or an old X Gen? And why?