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  1. Health and Fitness
    The only thing i had to eat today was a bowl of cereal, yesterday was around 1250 calories, the day before just a sandwich, and the day before that literally nothing, but until then I had been following my weight restoration plan precisely. I’m always hungry and as the result of my anorexia and...
  2. Health and Fitness
    This month [September] I have binged 4 times in total, one of them last night, and now I'm feeling really anxious that something similar will happen tonight and I'll fall into the habit of doing it every day and then quickly becoming overweight as a result. Everyday I compulsively do 20,000...
  3. Cognitive Functions
    ok, now to get feedback on an opinion of mine about the shadow. I'll use INTJ as my primary example, but it's the system of shadow relations I want to emphasize here. firstly, I'll quote an older post of mine to sum up my belief on what I consider the misconception that the shadow is simply...
1-3 of 3 Results