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  1. Intro
    My name is Abby and I am an INFP. I have a blog about the personality types called "". I first discovered the MBTI Types when I was a teen. The reason I was so drawn to the types is because I felt they put words to a truth I already felt. The two major benefits I felt...
  2. Intro
    Hello everybody, I'm a 24 years old girl from Italy that just joined. I'm a type INFJ and I've known for a while time but it took me a long time to search for a blog with like-minded people. I guess maybe the introvert intuitive in me? :oh:
  3. Intro
    :crazy::crazy::crazy: Hey. I am Octopus1 and I am an 18 year old ENTP-A, 7w8 whose Ne has just gotten crazy. I am a girl. I am an artist, writer, musician and fashion blogger. I like purple color, spicy food and animals. I am a vegetarian. I love to talk, (That's kinda our thing) especially...
  4. Intro
    Hello, there. I've been a dormant member since sometime in 2013. I think I logged in once and never returned... I didn't really have proper access to posting threads or replies, and I suppose in another way I simply wasn't ready to dive in here. I have taken a few tests, done some research...
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    Hi I'm new here, and new to the subject but I'm finding it fascinating. So far I've discovered I'm an INFP, TYPE 4 WITH A 5 SWING and an IEI. LOOKING TO CHAT REGARDING THESE SUBJECTS.
1-5 of 6 Results