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  1. Random Ideas and slightly strange thoughts (Rude people keep scrolling)

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    Okay okay, I'm bored, I'm stuck in my house. Buuuuut, on the upside of all that loneliness and boredom, my mind is a breeding ground for random, and slightly....only slightly strange things that if I say in a normal conversation gets some weird looks. But this isn't a normal conversation this...
  2. [ENTP] ENTP's Abundance of Fleeting Hobbies

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Hi! I'm an ENTP who has had an absurd amount of random strong, yet fleeting, interests and hobbies throughout the years, as I'm sure most NE dominants can relate to. Just wondering what kind of random hobbies other ENTPs have found themselves taken by (half out of curiosity and half out of the...
  3. [ENFP] ESFP Careers and Hobby Suggestion?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Haha I know I'm not an ENFP, but I thought I was and posted a lot here and ended up falling in love with you guys, and also I did this same post on the ESFP forum but got no replies...I'm guessing not many ESFP's use PC or smthn. Basically, I am curious if you guys know any ESFP's whether...
  4. [INFJ] What hobbies do you have?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    So my wife is an INFJ, and she is getting bored with life. She says she needs a hobby, and video games aren't fulfilling to her anymore (she feels like she's wasting her time with nothing to show for it). I've suggested drawing and painting, but she said that doesn't interest her. I also...
  5. [ENTP] Do you find sensing feeling types boring?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I don't know if i find them boring or they look always bored to me
  6. [ENTP] How often do you change your social circle?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I feel i almost never fit in any group because of my vast interest on things, than i usually get bored of the same situations and conversations of a group who seems 'stagnant' to me, and this also makes me feel lonely several times, how about you?
  7. [INTJ] Self Destruction in INTJs

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I've noticed that sometimes I will experience periods of self destructive behaviour. By this I mean things such as procrastinating (usually at the worst times), becoming even more unsociable and not interacting with anyone, becoming unfocused academics wise and instead spending my time...
  8. [ESFP] ESFPs, Where Do You Meet New People, When You Need To?

    ESFP Forum - The Performers
    Soooo, maybe typical of ESFPs, maybe not, but my social circle is very limited, admittedly, because I made it so. And there are no interesting men in it whatsoever. My calendar is overbooked, so any time investment I make has to be well targeted, if I want to expand, and at this point, I don't...
  9. [ENFJ] Attempting to understand ENFJ behavior, not working?

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    I have never had the need to post to a forum considering everyone I know is "easy" to solve. I have come to a roadblock with a new acquaintance with whom I believe I can have an awesome friendship with. I met him at work and its interesting to me how he cares about everyone else; another...
  10. [ENFP] ENFP Stay at Home Mama's

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Heyyy! I am a SAHM. I get superrrr bored, and overwhelmed at the same time!! I love my toddler so much and want to be home with her. But I am always thinking of all the possibilities of things I could be out doing such as a career. I try to make things fun at home for us and social as...
  11. current mood: bored

    there's not much to do except play video games *cough* *cough* overwatch *cough* *cough* ... my birthday is in 5 days and I'm turning 14! oh but "WAIT WHAT?! I THOUGHT U WERE 14 ALREADY!!" nope, i just put 14 down because i thought i was too to be on PerC. it kinda pains me now that i've been...
  12. [INTP] I'm unsure about my type

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    So i got intruduced to the whole world of (mbi, functions, ennegrams and so on) by a "friend" or well more like a acquaintance to me and this far all tests research and so on has resulted the same way, that is me ending up at intp-results all the time. The bizzare thing tho ? Well i still dont...
  13. ENFP teen here! I wanna know you so get to know me too hehe :D

    Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to click on that stupid little link :P I'm an Indian who's basically never lived in India lol A quick summary: ENFP, type 2 (enneagram), Capricorn (sun sign) & Leo (moon sign), living in Indonesia (for 2 more months! I'm graduating soon :O :D). Made...
  14. [ESTP] Why are the ESTP Forums Dead?

    ESTP Forum - The Doers
    Practically nothing goes on in the ESTP forums, which does not reflect what the ESTP is all about. Let's revive these forums! You can tell I'm bored, can't you?
  15. [ENTP] Bored As Shit

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Someone come entertain me. Tell me about your interests, thoughts on the world, philosophies. Favorite color? What are you reading? Watching? Listening to? Currently I find myself immersed in Nietzsche, Motion City Soundtrack, Bayside, and various television shows. Along with numerous ideas...
  16. Blizzard incoming.

    In terms of the weather, things are apparently going to be pretty damned interesting here, at least for the next couple days. The Governor has even shut down state government for today, barring mandatory operations (ex: prison guards), and critical emergency infrastructure (i.e. cops, road...
  17. What's my type : try a form !

    What's my personality type?
    1) What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type? I'm never sure about me and my judgments. I always challenge myself. When I take a test, I often respond differently depending on my mood, my ideas I have now. I often change my mind, I'm a very very very undecided ! I don't know...
  18. What's the 'horny robot' and how do I find that hunk'a'dunk?

    Hi everyone, I'm the new kid. since this is a Cafe; I want you all to know that in my personal value system, Hazelnut lattes are pretty damn high. :) I suppose the only natural thing to say, is that everyone is going to get their minds blown by my awesome ideas. Feel free to hit me up about...
  19. [INFP] 2 - Second Enthusiasm

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    "OH MAN! This is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!! ... okay, I'm done. Moving on..." ^ is a big fault of mine. I take true, active, gun-ho interest in a thing, work on it like there's no tomorrow.. then burn myself out on it and lose interest. From moth-to-flame to water on a duck's...
  20. [INTP] How to support INTP boyfriend with depression/indecisiveness?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    My INTP boyfriend is currently taking a gap year before continuing with his second year of university next year. He started off the year with so many ideas about what he wanted to do, but due to indecisiveness and what appears to be depression, he has done very few of these things. He spends...