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  1. Blog
    Me: Daddy! See! Dad: Wah, very nice. No monkey? Me: No, I don’t know how to draw monkey. Plus, I like dragon better. … Me: Mummy, see! Mum: Wah. Very nice. Hm… this one looks better. *points at the fire dragon and the second one I drew.* Me: Mummy! Don’t compare! They’re supposed to be...
  2. Blog
    I uploaded the photos in the book I finished reading about dragons!!! I didn’t read all, just the interesting pages, cos no time! My favourite pages from the Dragon book! I love how the word looks here and the various iterations of it! I love the picture on the right! I wish I could draw...
  3. Science and Technology
    Is it right? That Online handwriting analysis test is good for kids for today’s world. Give your opinion. Thank You.
1-3 of 3 Results