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chameleon effect

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    I've been reading up on the general perceived personality traits of INTPs, and I although I know that I am one, I also know that people would be surprised to find out that I am one. Anyway, I find the anecdotes on "the Chameleon Effect" very interesting. (On a side note of the Chameleon Effect...
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    Hey guys! I had a question for all you thinkers about the so-called "chameleon" effect that an INTP can demonstrate. I've been reading about the types for a few months now and have been especially fascinated by this topic, particularly because of my current situation. One of my best friends is...
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    Do you think INTPs can change their zero point? How much do you think they might be able to sustainably modify their natural behaviors and train different personality traits? Could it get to a point where they move to different types?
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    Well, not really a chameleon thing, I guess, but I've heard it being described as such and I wasn't sure what else to call it. Also, hi, I'm new here. :tongue: So, anyway, I've noticed, as a fellow INTP, instead of my usual introverted friends who are extremely open around people they know...