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  1. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I've found that as an INFJ it's easy to get bogged down and dissatisfied, feeling like you're never doing enough. It seems the older, more healthy INFJs get around this by helping people. What are some easy ways to help people without going out and changing your career? Small ways with clear...
  2. ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    Do you believe that charity has value? Does it appeal to you? Why or why not? Are there certain kinds of donation/volunteer/charity methods that you prefer over others? What would make you most likely to donate, and what would make you the least likely? Background: I got to thinking about...
  3. Type 2 Forum - The Helper
    I'm an INFJ type 2w1 - the idealist humanitarian type. I thought that I was just some sort of strange and idealistic person. Perhaps one who is too obsessed with goodness and love to ever flourish in this world. Are there other lovers of mankind here?
  4. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I'm an INFJ 2w1 - an idealist humanitarian. I've literally traveled the world in the name of charity. Yet for all of my caring about people, I have horrendous people skills. It makes no sense. I'm just really bad at small talk, and it seems that's what most interactions are. I know that there...
  5. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Real Life. Change. - A&E TV They donate a dollar for every change you pledge to the charity of your choice for a ripple effect of getting things headed in the right direction from us and from them. I think that is an amazing concept!:happy:
  6. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi. Umm...I'm reaching out. Not for myself but for people battling cancer, survivors of cancer and for those who will one day contract this horrible disease. I'm involved in Pelotonia which is a bike ride for a local research hospital. It's a rare thing but 100% of the donation go to research...
  7. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    OOPS sorry didnt mean to double post! Im gonna figure out how to delete this thread topic
1-9 of 12 Results