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  1. Childhood Drawings

    The Art Museum
    Hey, let's see some art of yours from way back. If you want, you can post some of your recent art as a means of comparison. I have a lot of old drawings, I might post some more later, but for now here's a Spiderman I drew when I was about 10. (Dat anatomy....) here's a Spiderman I made...
  2. [Generation Z] My decade kid chart (2000’s baby edition)

    Generation Z Forum
    DISCLAIMER: this is only for fun Btw for me childhood is 4 years old to 10. Pre teen years : 11-13 (ish) teen years : 13ish -17 2000 born : mid to late 2000’s kids (2004-2010) 2001 born : mid to late 2000’s kid (leaning late 2000’s kid) (2005-2011) 2002 born : late 2000’s/early 10’s kid...
  3. Is Enneagram affected by adverse childhood experiences?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hello, I have been wondering lately the affects of adverse childhood experiences on the personality. If one is born with their enneagram type, does this affect their reaction to these experiences, or does the experience shape their personality or warp their perception of it? I have recently...
  4. Poll: What is your earliest childhood memory?

    Member Polls
    When (should be when instead of what) is your earliest childhood memory? Please write the year you were born and MBTI
  5. Enneagram Childhood Wounds

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Taken from the EnneaApp by Lori Ohlson. I'm unsure if this has been posted on PerC before, but I wanted to share in case it isn't. Type 1 These children felt heavily criticized, punished, or not good enough. Household rules may have felt inconsistent. As such, they became obsessed with being...
  6. Have You Ever? Game

  7. [INTP] INTP females UNITE!

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Talk about your experience existing as such a tiny percentage of the female population (0.1% last I checked.) Did you feel accepted and understood growing up? Were you allowed to express yourself as you were or were you discouraged from being so different? I'll go first: I've always felt...
  8. I'm A 2000 Baby And I Consider Myself A 2000s Kid

    The Generations
    Hey there, I registered here because I've been reading this forum for like two years and I always read that 2000s babies (specially those born on Late00') aren't 2000s kids. I'm going to tell you my specific case. I was born in Sep 2000, which makes me a Late 2000 baby. I would define my...
  9. What happens to a type when they are brought up in an opposing environment?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Basically what happens when a child of a certain type is brought up by people who dislike their type and discourage them from being the way they are? For example, what would happen to an NT brought up by NFs who continuously criticise them for not being emotional enough or for being cold...
  10. Respond in exactly five words

    ADDITION: That is the Wizard of Oz official Monkey song. xD
  11. How old do you feel?

    I was old when I was a toddler; my mom called me "Wise Eyes" though I do bear in mind she was mentally disordered at the time. I've been told I've lived more lives in one than is physically possible, and I suppose compared to most Americans, that's true, but compared to people around the globe...
  12. If you could grow up anywhere, at anytime, where and when would you choose and why?

    San Diego before the Hollywood set discovered it for a get-away and it grew and grew and grew. Why? Oh, wow, why: Sunshine, temperate climate, Bird of Paradise plants; every kind of hummingbird; palm trees; mountains; Pacific Ocean; desert without being too hot... so time-frame would be...
  13. Truth....... or not?

  14. INTP/ENTP? any ideas?

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Hey guys! I'm a newbie here. I've been learning about this whole MBTI thing for quite a long time now but still don't know what my type is. Hope you can help me a bit and thank you for devoting your time to read and think about my post! Okay so I'm pretty sure about the Ti and Ne, they're both...
  15. [INTJ] Did your parents support your INTJ personality as a child

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I was discussing this topic with my very good ISTP friend the other night. His parents were very encouraging of his ISTP tendencies. As a young child they took him to bowling alleys, car washes and any other places where he was intrigued by the mechanics. His father traveled often for work but...
  16. [INTP] Squirrel Goes Nuts: Questioning the Question of MBTI

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    So I see people differentiating between enneagrams and MBTI and other such things using different question words. I'm naturally skeptical of any system that promises to tell me "who" I am. I gravitated to MBTI because it offered a "how". Especially since I'm one of those weirdos who can, and...
  17. [INTP] Dinosaurs and INTP?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    In my childhood I had some interest in dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist for a short time. The connection between INTP in childhood and having an interest in dinosaurs, is this a common thing?