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  1. What Makes You Cry

    “What makes me cry?” Right now, I’m searching the internet for tips to help me find my creative voice and this question, which isn’t an easy answer for me as it might for others. I really can’t recollect in recent memory any moment I’ve sobbed into a pillow over the death of a loved one. I...
  2. [INFJ] Describe the relationship you have with your parents

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Describe the relationship between you and your parents. and/or Think/write of a conversation you had with your parents that stands out in your mind as being an accurate reflection of your relationship. extra credit: add your parents personality if you know it. ex. Me: hey mom i need your help...
  3. [Enneagram Type 7] Let's short tell about our childhood, and see if there's similarities

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    The below quotes part is from the book "Personality Types" by Don Richard Riso with Russ Hudson "Parental Orientation As young children, Sevens were disconnected to the nurturing-figure, the person in their early development who mirrored them, cared for them, and provided affection and a sense...
  4. [INTP] Childhood anecdotes of an INTP

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Share your embarrassing childhood experiences with us, stories, confessions, hilarious tales of things that you did, that happened to you as a child and was this your INTP self telling you something.... Mine consists of me being in primary school age 6 and wanting to make friends, instead...
  5. [INTP] Did any INTP's have a good childhood?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Would you say you had a pleasant or a difficult childhood? I'm curious because I found it very difficult, I don't want to go into too much detail really but it was hard, as was adolescence. Consequently, from quite a young age my coping mechanism was to shut it out and escape into my own mind...
  6. Hello MBTI enthusiasts! I have questions about how environmental factors affect type

    Myers Briggs Forum
    For the most part I relate to INFP (or ENFP) as my type, but I've been wondering lately if it's a result of my childhood. My mother is a Fi-dom and we had a co-dependent relationship when I was a child and she was very depressed, which led to my own depression as a child. I've heard depression...
  7. [INFJ] INFJ Funny or Unique Childhood Memories

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi everyone. I would like to know if INFJs out there have any funny or unique childhood memories. I would like to see how they compare to other INFJ memories. I always felt a bit "different" growing up. I can remember specific instances, I am wondering if you can too. Feel free to share!
  8. [INFJ] Childhood signs that you were an INFJ

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I distinctly remember as a kid, wondering why no one else could understand peoples feeling the way I could. There are so many things now that I look back at and realise that they were INFJ traits. And I was just feeling curious, have any of you guys realised similar things?
  9. Self-Defeating Personality Disorder - do I fit the bill?

    General Psychology
    After an epiphany I had today, I started researching a number of different things and a number of different ways to utilize them in a proper, healthy manner. These things are private, of course, but I tripped over a term I had not heard before in the process that appears to be at least partially...
  10. [INFP] INFPs raised by thinkers? Share your experience

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I was raised by an ISTJ mother and an ISTP father. Obviously my NF ways were ridiculed and called irrational (no shit :dry:) Luckily I have an INFJ sister. We only started getting along when I hit high school though. It was very confusing to live in such a family now that I look back and I'm...
  11. We're the parents of the child we once were?

    General Psychology
    Hello everyone, A psychology teacher once said, "The person you are now is the parent of the child you once were from 3-6". Is it true? I somehow find it logical.
  12. [INFJ] Factors which influence self-esteem?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I'm really curious about the development of self-esteem and what influences it during childhood development. During my lifetime, I've met people who are very attractive but have low-self esteem because of certain experiences. Yet I've also met others who are nothing special in the looks...
  13. [INTJ] Childhood influences?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    What were some of your childhood influences? Anything that you remember from growing up that pushed you to be who you are today. I have a fraternal twin sister who is an ESTP. She was by biggest influence growing up. I would’ve stayed home and only maintained friends while at school, if it...
  14. [ENTJ] Early School Years and Sibling Relationships

    ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    Hi ENTJs, I'm curious about your early school years, if you recall them. My brother is an ENTJ and a very different guy and his early school years were not... Typical (we were all eventually homeschooled, he was home by the end of 3rd grade). I just think those early years have a lot to do with...
  15. [INFP] Traipsing Down Memory Lane: What were you like as a child?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Through recollection of memories and stories told to you by family and friends, what were you like as a child? Did you display characteristics of the archetypal INFP child? I shall start the ball rolling... Was extremely quiet. Always doodling in a notebook by myself or reading in some corner...
  16. [INFP] The INTP influence

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Well my brother whom I absolutely idolize has influenced me politically ,spiritually, religiously, mentally, since around age 11. He has influenced me more than my parents could have ever hoped to. My mother a worrying, micro manager , ESFJ and my father distant, absorbed, measured INTJ. Both...
  17. [ENFJ] ENFJ personality traits?

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    Hi there. I'm not sure if I should posted this to "guess my type", or here. I’m Platena, and I’m learning psychology. Although I know MBTI is more of a game, and not constructed too well, I find it interesting, also having fun by trying to type myself. I think I’m an ENFJ, though I’m not...
  18. [INFP] INFP Baby/Toddler Pics

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I apologize if there has already been a thread on this topic, but I wanted to make one specifically regarding what INFPs looked like as babies/toddlers. You can already see a pic of me in my early years (my avatar). I'd be curious to be see pics of other INFPs, and I figured this might be less...
  19. How was your home life as a kid?

    Member Polls
    I'm just curious how common abuse is, and how it varies between wealth. let me go ahead and clarify what I mean by poor and rich: I would consider poor anything that would be considered lower middle class, and under. Rich would be higher middle class and over.
  20. [INFP] Do You Have Children?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Do you have children? How old were you when you had your first child?