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  1. Post Malone - Saint Tropez

    Loving this bop and the landscape :jazz:
  2. Are U There?

  3. O

  4. Living at Midnight

    ... just living at midnight.
  5. ENFP teen here! I wanna know you so get to know me too hehe :D

    Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to click on that stupid little link :P I'm an Indian who's basically never lived in India lol A quick summary: ENFP, type 2 (enneagram), Capricorn (sun sign) & Leo (moon sign), living in Indonesia (for 2 more months! I'm graduating soon :O :D). Made...
  6. Are you feeling good?

  7. [ISTP] What clique are ISTPs?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I think skater. They are chill, but are they ISTPs?
  8. the shit you love to get high to.

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Unique music. Music that gets you high before you even pick up the bowl. Ride the tide with it. Introspect. Contemplate the universe. Discover philosophies you never even knew you had. Share.
  9. [INFJ] Infj-Where are ya'll hiding??

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi, I was wondering why i haven't met anyone who is an 'INFJ'. Where do you all hang around??? You'll find me in a book store, quite happily reading the backs of various books and when i'm older i'll be the random girl skydiving and doing crazy things for my favourite charities. :) What about...
  10. [ISFP] What do you guys do when you're stressed out??

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Just curious. I know the "typical" ISFP usually has to take some time to be by his/her self and sort out feelings, emotions, etc. Personally, when I'm really stressed or have alot on my mind, I do one of three things: A) Play guitar/drums. That's my "quick fix" B) Go for a run. Although...
  11. Winter Stinks

    I am tired of winter. We have now had almost twice the amount of snow that we are supposed to have (52" compared to 31", or something like that). The house is cold, the roof has snow and ice dams. I'm wearing long underwear and I'm cold. I checked the average temperatures, and it looks like...