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  1. What are you thinking about?

  2. Happy Memory #866 - Lunar New Year Eve

    It’s Lunar New Year Eve!!!!!! That means DELICIOUS BBQ!!! :D well sort of . I know the real bbq has smoke pits and charcoal, but this is close, since we sometimes burn the meat from overcooking lol. Yummy! There was fish, chicken wings, prawns, meat, and cheese sausage ( afew.). mushrooms and...
  3. Happy Memory #861 - Egg Chips

    What am I doing??? Lol I just signed up for a local dating network. They check your identity card to make sure you’re telling the truth about your age. My friend recommended it to me. I don’t really think one-on-one is very time-effective, but I'm willing to give it a go. I think group events...
  4. Happy Memory #860 - Exploratory

    Mum: All of our kids are not adventurous. Me: Huh? Mum: Like some kids you don’t need to teach them or do anything. They’ll ownself go and explore. Then they’ll play around until they learn everything. Me: Ohhh. Mum: Like you see the videos of the kids when they give them...
  5. Your Mind on Smevellian Theory presents: Borderlines and the mop man #1

    The room had a whiff of mint, a cooling breeze had made the smell flow through the room that was cut off by the constantly creaking ceiling fan. The offices were overbooked with people walking in and walking out, I saw line after line shorten and grow in creased threads of a needle. I could see...
  6. [ISFJ] Do people call you lazy?

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    I get called lazy a lot usually by my parents and my teachers and I find that all it does for me is discourage rather than make me want to do something about it Do people call you lazy? What makes you want to work and what makes you not want to work? Do you like doing a specific type of work...
  7. [INFP] Do you ever keep a neat and tidy space?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Here's a spin-off of the thread. (I seem to cross promote threads I've started. I just noticed that.) I know we've had threads about how messy we INFPs are, but this is more to the point of...
  8. [ENFP] How clean is your house.... really?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I kind of felt too lazy to search the forums to see if this has already been asked, so if it has then forgive me ;P But how clean is your house/apartment, really? Are you lazy, and just put things off until febreze can't fix it anymore? Or do you attempt to keep it as clean as possible? I...
  9. [ESTJ] (from INTJ foreigner) ESTJ/ESFJ ISTJ/ISTP and the ritual of house cleaning

    ESTJ Forum - The Guardians
    I have a presumed ESTJ roommate and once a month he has this change in character when he begins his perfect cleaning ritual, almost everything must be cleaned, everything has to be put in order. His tone and face is so serious, that i get scared and become overwhelmed by his cleaning process...