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  1. What We Do in the Shadows - Vampire mockumentary

    Guess the type
    What We Do in the Shadows - Vampire mockumentary - MBTI types What We Do in the Shadows is a 2014 mockumentary horror comedy that parodies vampire movie tropes. I found that there are almost no places where the characters are typed, and the ones that exist are mostly wrong (strange - is this...
  2. Typing the RHPC Squad! (Nigahiga)

    What's my personality type?
    Let's type RHPC Squad! Greg: INTJ, possibly INFJ?? Will: ISTP/ISFP, not sure Sean:INTJ or ENFJ?? Idk about this. Diana: INTJ Paco: ENTJ Derrick: ISTP/ISFP, leaning ISFP? (not too confident though regarding thinker vs. feeler) And finally, last but not least: Ryan: ENFP with a well-developed...
  3. Cognitive Functions and Sense of Humor

    Cognitive Functions
    I was just curious not only regarding type but sense of humor as well ( according to cognitive functions ) , the difference between all of them. Also does this differ slightly regarding someone's zodiac , numerology , enneagram and other personality types or is there a pattern relating to that...
  4. [INTP] Searching for comedy in the Absurd/Surreal? Book/Content Requests

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hello, Hopefully I'm not alone in this niche. I enjoy reading short stories/books/poems with surreal/absurd forms of comedy. One of the finest examples of what I'm looking for are the works written by Daniil Kharms. I'm hoping someone can suggest some more content like this. Here's a list of...
  5. [ENTP] Classic 80s Movies MBTI?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I was just rewatching classic 80's college movies and I can't find anything on any sort of typing anywhere! Was mainly focusing on Back to School and Revenge of the Nerds? Please add more characters if I missed any! Back to School Thornton Melon: Dr. Diane Turner: Jason Melon: Lou...
  6. A Lot Makes Me Laugh

  7. [ENFP] What are your favorite tv shows????

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    What are your top 3 favorite tv shows??? In no particular order(because some of us ENFPs are too indecisive for that). Feel free to tell everyone why if you want to! My favorite shows are: Chuck Parks And Rec and Suits I find Chuck's character very relatable because he is an INFP and I am an...
  8. Anders Holm

    Guess the type
    Okay, so I'm pretty new at typing and I just love the actor Anders Holm. Could anyone type him for me? My first insticts are that he's an INxx... all of his social media posts are either him at home or with his few close friends, which seems introverted to me. The way he dresses in real life...
  9. Take my username with a grain of salt--or satire preferably. *New Member Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Hello all, My username is AnonymousSteve, but you can call me Steve for short (the same as my real name). As you can see my style of humor is quite satirical and dry, but I also enjoy silly and simple poop jokes and whatnot. My range of humor extends from simple things to topics...
  10. Fargo Season 2?

    Guess the type
    What a show. Lou Solverson- ISTJ, but I think an argument could be made for INTJ Hank Larsson- too hard for me to type, I'm kinda new to it. I know he's I and P, I'd maybe go with ISFP. Again, don't hold me to that one, I'm mainly here for other opinions haha. Peggy Blumquist- ESFP Ed...
  11. Blackadder

    Guess the type
    What MBTI and enneagram do you think the characters are?
  12. National Lampoon's Senior Trip

    Guess the type
    National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995) - IMDb My guesses: Principle - xNTP Female Teacher - xSFJ Rebel Hero - ESxP Sidekick - xSFP Star Trek Obsessed guy - INTP The not too bright one/ Sparky - IxFx Bus Driver - ISTP Senator/ Bad guy - xSTJ Steve/ the goody two shoes - ExxJ Virus - xxxx Carla/...
  13. Humor & How It's Recieved

    General Psychology
    Something I've noticed as an Ne-aux is that whenever I say something that I think is "funny" to another Ne user (especially dom/aux), I can usually tell if they're going to think it's funny or not. But with Ni users, I sometimes say things I think are just normal conversation and they laugh, and...
  14. Opposite types in tv/film/fiction (especially comedy)

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I've noticed how a couple of my favourite comedy duos seem to rely on "odd couple" pairings and I'm trying to find a list of the 8 pairs of opposite types e.g. (INTP/ESFJ), in tv, film or ficton. My typing might not be spot on, but so far I have: Absolutely Fabulous - I think Saffy is INFJ and...
  15. Happy Memory #369 - Comedic Bed

    Girl on tv: Mum, are boys always stupid? Mum on tv: No, they grow up to be men, then they grow up to be idiots. Both me and my mum loled. I was watching this comedy cartoon thing with my mum and I realised I laughed when the underdog is being bullied and he’s all very sad. And my mum was...
  16. Red Band Society

    Guess the type
    I haven't seen the original Catalan version. I'm talking about the FOX version. If you've seen both, it would be cool to compare though. Leo: ENTP? Jordi: ISFP Emma: ISFJ Kara: Obviously ESTP Dash: xSFP? Charlie: ENFP Nurse Jackson: ENFJ (She seems like a thinker but when it comes to Charlie...
  17. The Most Popular Girls in School (Youtube Series)

    Guess the type
    Here are my guesses: Cheer Squad Mackenzie Zales: ENTJ (Leadership is in her blood!) Brittnay Matthews: ESTx Trisha Cappelletti: ESFP Van Burens Shay Van Buren: ISTP Cameron Van Buren: ESTP Mikayla Van Buren: Any guesses? I really don't know Hipsters Jenna Darabond: ENTP? Jenna Dapananian...
  18. [INFJ] Anyone seen the movie About Time (2013)? What type is Tim?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I've been wondering since I saw the film what type Tim is? He reminds me alot of a INFJ I know so that's my first guess. But I don't know. Any idea? How about other characters in the movie. :kitteh: I heard somewhere that Kitkat might be a messed up ENFP. Not sure though. Also Mary? Could she...
  19. [ENTP] ENTP's are lame...

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Prove to me that you are not a lame tub of burps. If you fail to prove your awesomeness & comedic talents then I expect you to perform the standard ritual Seppuku :b ... Post what you think is the funniest (jokes,videos,stories,pics) You name it.. troll away I want this to be an ENTP comedy hub