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conflicting relations

  1. Someone who shares you bad traits; how to deal with them?

    General Psychology
    Recently I've found out that people who share my own faults are those who confuse me and upset me the most. I tend to be extra-understanding with them because I know how it feels like to endure the negative feedback of that particular mistake you don't know you constantly do. But then my...
  2. [INFJ] Seeking advices for my hellish job

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Dear fellow INFJs, and other types, It's not common for me to seek help but desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. And what can be better than a forum full of INFJs? (rhetorical question). I graduated from my business school and started a job in financial controlling a few...
  3. "Functional" Type Relations

    Cognitive Functions
    The following functions respect each other: Ne <--respect--> Si Ni <--respect--> Se Te <--respect --> Fi Fe <-- respect --> Ti For this reason, there is one type to each of us known as the "conflicting partner". The conflicting partner is the type with whom none of your functions can respect...