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  1. Sex and Relationships
    Hello everyone, I believe that every action we do has consequences. And also that you can't have everything in life. For example, when people in their 20s just want to have fun, especially in terms of partying and having sex with many different partners. "It's good to just have fun". On the...
  2. Intro
    Hi! I'm new here and just a novice at Personality Profiles and Types. I joined the community here because everyone seems so well-informed, the threads are very interesting and a veritable fountain of information and opinions. Basically, I wanted to ask people for their opinions on how...
  3. Blog
    I find out a very startling pattern in my life, how unforgiving my ignorance has been to me. Throughout my life prided myself on being different. I would do things in a different way, heck even better way if I could find it. So while others did one thing, I did another. There is nothing wrong...
  4. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    This thread is inspired by The Either/Or Game by kaptainblank. Which options do you prefer out of the following questions? Quality or Quantity? - Compassion or Justice? - Is or Should? - Altruism or Egoism? - Optimism or Pessimism? - Confidentiality or Honesty? - Oppressor or Oppressed? -...
1-5 of 6 Results