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  1. [INFP] Can any INFP relate to this?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello everyone! I was feeling a little down recently and i was writing some lines about that. And I would be very interested if any INFPs can relate somehow to this and what you are doing if you find yourself in these type of situations: The constant yearning for…SOMETHING! can drain an INFP...
  2. State ofthe Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor 1Comp

    Science and Technology
    *State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; 1-Gearturbine, 2-Imploturbocompressor: *1-GEARTURBINE PROJECT, Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech, Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic, echnology Proposal Submission, Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type: ·State of the art Innovative...
  3. The natural sleepcycle rediscovered? This might be important!

    Health and Fitness
    Dear Forum, I might have found an important information about the so called natural sleep, you might want to check this out, here: or simply here: Best...
  4. Allow myself to introduce...myself

    Hello All, Found out I was an INFP about a year ago. I couldn’t believe it and retook the test many times, each time it confirmed I was an INFP. Looking back, I’m not sure why I was dissapointed, but the test was spot on. I have developed a lot of adaptive strategies through the years that...
  5. [INTP] Breaking an unbreakable cycle

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Over the past few years I've noticed a re-occurring plot line in a various forms a media that is just depressing the heck out of me. It generally goes the main character is stuck in some sort of cycle, spiral, loop, etc. and although they don’t realize it until the end of the story, no matter...
  6. [INTP] Riding the Waves

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Through my discussions with other INTPs, and reading personality descriptions, I've noticed that INTPs can tend to operate in waves, or cycles. Have you found ways of harnessing your wave energy, so that you can effectively ride a wave at least most of the way to the shore? In which parts...
  7. [ENFP] Bad Habits!!!

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    What are some bad habits us ENFP's have? I have a tendency to dink a soda halfway, then comeback to it the next day to finish. After everyone one I finish I think "EWW DISGUSTING!" so I get another. The cycle continues. xDDD Oh also I set my alarm for a certain time. then press snooz until...