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  1. Heartache/heartbreak and the dark

    There's a really good article over on the thoughtcatalog site, by Kathryn Stanley, that talks about the reasons why INFJs find it so hard to move on from heartbreak. You can find it at this link...
  2. "Firefly in a Jar"

    Sadness lurks in those unkempt corners When not swept properly, it festers and grows It invades the silence when the mind is idled Tainting the calm sunset as a fierce wind blows It preys on that fleeting sensation of contentment A transient flame obliterated by the rain A firefly in a jar...
  3. Swimming, Sinking, Floating

    "So calm your ships." "I can't. It's not the ships. It's the storm." How can one control a storm? One cannot. You are but a shaking dot on an endless and furious sea. You are helpless and powerless. You are going to be swallowed and sucked right into the depths of a terrifying...
  4. "Nadir"

    Quell the fears so that I may carry on Forward with stealth through shadowy quarters I lay distant from lands of fortune Deprived of fruit Here's my signal that nightfall has set in strong We have reached the nadir Too weak to continue Lone sensation of rainfall on dirt
  5. [ENFP] ENFP and the Heart of Darkness

    ENFP Articles
    Written by @Vishalmisra A cursory glance of MBTI will leave you with the knowledge that there are 16 personality types, each assigned a 4-letter code. There is an inherent problem with this; and it is as follows: we all meet people we tend to give 4-letters to as human beings, and those 4...
  6. Shadow Manifestations of The Anima & Animus (For Everyone)

    SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators
    I put this post here:
  7. [INFJ] Darkness Sensor Activation

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I dislike stark sunlight, because I feel naked and watched when in bright lights - and I hate feeling watched. I feel only half there physically, and my brain begins to wander. There are a few exceptions to this, when I love to lie in the grass in the tinted late afternoon sunlight of a summer's...
  8. Dealing with the past and Inner Darkness- Seeking Opinions/Advice

    General Psychology
    It all started when I was 7 years old. My life at home is in utter chaos. My father was into drugs and every other member, except for my mother, dad and dad’s parents, were all drunks. They were all mad at each other. Arguments leading to threats and possible violence. It escalated to the point...
  9. [INFP] Question for INFPs especially Enneagram type4: the music of Hannah Fury

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    A week or two ago I ran across the music of Hannah Fury (Hannah Fury/Mellowtraumatic Recordings | Hannah Fury/Mellowtraumatic Recordings | Home). I am going to post several of the videos below; but in the meantime I have a couple of questions. 1) Have any of you heard of her already, do you...
  10. Understanding Darkness.

    I'm tired, I'm tired of seeing pain right now, I'm breaking, As the heart inside, It's used against me, And I'm sick of evil being encouraged. It's not understanding darkness that is evil, It's using that darkness for the sake of evil, And in my hateful state of mind, I see a fucked up world...
  11. Ignorance Leads You Away From Peace.

    If people enjoy what I write, but then turn around and ignore my intensity, or stress and rather not know who I am.. Then they are only there for what was created and not how it was created, or why it was created. If there are people who are not there for why or how something was created, they...
  12. Resolve Your Darkness.

    Inspired by the band V:28, its album Violution (violent solution). Inspired by Carl Jung. Inspired by life itself.. This album can teach you a lot. As it can show you solutions without violence by showing you the meaning of everybody being stuck in their own realities with violence. Be it...
  13. "Emory" (Poem)

    She was whispering in the darkness I felt her skin touch mine She spoke of airplanes, dreams, and metaphors The passage of time She longed for life outside of the labyrinth I said I wanted the same She wrote me letters of her longing For such fortune and fame I'd approach her cautiously Not to...
  14. "Paralyzed Within" (Poem)

    If there were more colours here, I wouldn't be so blue But I wake up to this toy town having seen it all through Nothing ever changes, everything stays the same There's no analgesic for the pain I contain It's a day when the stomach just refuses to eat And the body's too contorted to stay...
  15. "Exit Stage Left" (Poem)

    When the sun retreats to the horizon And melts below the landscape When day succumbs to night That's when my thoughts escape The theatre screen always more engaging The darker the room With each step of aging Approaches closer the tomb And I think back to film reels That have long past...
  16. "Smothered" (Poem)

    I built these walls around me to try to keep my purity I knitted this blanket myself, it's a blanket of security I grew these plants around me, to give me oxygen to breathe Though I am shielded in my armour, I still bemoan and seethe I take comfort in the catacombs, among the listless few...
  17. [INFJ] INFJ's shadow side: darkness and anger

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I saw this on a blog and thought i'd post it here. Pretty long but thought it was worth it. Random rants welcome. --- Shadow of INFJs: I'm queen bitch of the universe and you WILL listen to me. --- In the unlikely event you have betrayed an INFJ, cut deeply through their hearts then watch...
  18. Master of Shadows

    Running as fast as her legs would let her, she raced away from the strong stone buildings that once imprisoned her. Her bare feet hit the hardened earth, and slipped through the moist grass as she ran. Her heart bounding so hard in her chest she thought it would burst through her bones and flesh...
  19. Dear Someone

    Dear Someone, I know you probably don't care. I know you're probably busy watching TV or dealing with your own problems, or maybe you're busy laughing and chasing butterflies. Maybe you spend afternoons in the grass, smelling the sun and tasting life. Maybe you don't have time to worry...