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death sentence

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    I enrolled to a private English college with a specialisation in of journalism. Because I wanted to be a journalist that crusades for Truth and Justice. I passed entry exam but I got a confirmation over a month after classes began, which was the beginning of problems. Meanwhile there were...
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    I was bullied through most of primary school, called names, etc. but it was somewhat tolerable. I tried fighting back by also calling them names (though I wasn't as good at it because I'm not a fast talker) or by running after them with heavy item like a chair in my hand and stuff. Two last...
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    I dont know how many of you have watched it, but its about two brothers who decide to purge the world of evil and kill criminals. Just wondering what you thought of it if you watched it. All in all its a highly entertaining movie, but what do you guys think of the principal?
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    I am loving this series so far & totally recommend it to anyone that enjoys thrillers, horrors, survival, or dark themed books! ♥ It's about a boy named Alex who gets convicted of a murder that he did not commit, & gets sent to Furnace penitentiary, an underground prison with horrific oddities...