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  1. My Fish Jim Stone

    My fish Jim Stone, who I have kept for a year and a half has passed away. He died on my 23rd birthday, and I want to take up some web space to talk about him. Jim was the best fish I've ever owned. For one and a half years, Jim was my faithful best finned. The day I picked him up at the store...
  2. Do you know someone who has been killed?

    Member Polls
    Do you have a relative, friend, or an acquaintance that has been killed? Whether in a homicide/murder, accident (such as drunk driver), terrorist attack, suicide, or any other unexpected death? (I'm not referring to illness, old age, or a death related to natural causes) ****READERS PLEASE...
  3. [ENTP] Wisdom or Intelligence & Dancing with the Devil. (I need friends)

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    For so long now I've had this "vision" of what I want my life to be. This vision has been so persistent and vivid it sometimes feels like its all waiting for me rite outside a little window but which of course its not.. Then when my attention shifts back to reality and I see what I have is...
  4. Favorite Halloween Rituals

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    Please refrain from saying something sick like killing cats or sacrificing people's children, but anything else goes, from casting spells to going to parties to burning down a local politician's mansion and blaming it on the jack-o-lantern! I tend to indulge in this stuff to relax anyway, but...
  5. Responding to suicide (how??)

    General Psychology
    Obviously a sensitive topic, don't read on if you don't like it. Unfortunately people in our society can have terrible lives and mental states (and more) that can lead them to take their own lives. I'm young, so to more socially experienced people out there: How are you supposed to react as...
  6. What are you thinking about?

  7. Will ai kill us all ??

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    :exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate::exterminate: I think it could if the "wrong" people develop the technology...
  8. Any fellow depressed existentialists out there?

    Advice Center
    What is the meaning of life? As someone who has been a charity worker for four years, I thought this would be easy to answer. But since quitting my job due to bullying, those rose-colored glasses have been taken off and now all I see is a world that is eventually going to end without any of our...
  9. [BabyBoomers] Death by choice.

    Baby Boomers Forum
    Death by choice. Do you want to have the choice ? :sleepytime:
  10. [Generation X] Death by choice ?

    Generation X Forum
    Death by choice. Would you want to have the choice to go out when you wanted, once you reached old age ? :sleepytime:
  11. [Generation Z] Death by choice ?

    Generation Z Forum
    Death by choice. I'm not talking about right now, but when we are all old and grey. Would you want to have the choice to go out when you wanted, once you reached old age ? :sleepytime:
  12. Elizabeth - October 28, 2016

    For those who didn't see where I wrote about her, she was someone I loved; someone that my husband, I, and others mentored; she was considered, and considered herself "retarded", and had other ideas about herself as unworthy of love. A serial killer murdered her and another woman...
  13. Out of Body Experiences and Conspiracy Theories

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey so I made this thread because I'm wondering if other people can relate to my conclusions or has ever had an out of body experience (OBE) of their own. Also before I begin I do not mean to start an argument about what people believe in. This might be a sensitive topic so PLEASE share your...
  14. Ten years later, memories lurk, waiting to attack...

    Wow! I need to better respect the power of music to recall memory... My teen son wanted to listen to some classics that he might not have heard before. I put on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". I was immediately transported back to a youthful time, when it was just two of us, my husband...
  15. [INTP] How to approach an INTP dealing with grief?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hi everyone, I'm an INFJ and have a close INTP friend whose mother recently passed away. We haven't spoken about the incident yet and I was hoping some of you INTPs may help me with how to best approach the situation. I understand that everyone has a different way of dealing with death, but...
  16. The Reckoning

    I just feel physically sick. And so fucking exhausted. Just having a short pause and catching a breath but feeling like there's no oxygen in the air. The world was always against me, from the very start. I need stability badly to learn something that would be useful to others, but instead...
  17. My Twisted World 0007 - No option of a good ending

    I realise it must all be set up. There can be only one explanation why everyone wants me to die. A test of some sorts. I am the chosen one and I have to make an important decision. It's obvious that I don't deserve all that stuff that happened in my life and that is planned for me. I'm a...