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  1. Common INTP Mistypes and Result Logging?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I'm trying my hand at creating a new thread... I'm curious to know what other four-letter MBTI mistypes anyone has had? More recently I have kept a log of personality tests and results. The other privilege I've had is to take a paid DiSC assessment and received "C" as a result, dead-center and...
  2. [INFP] DISC test

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    The DISC test determines what your behavioural style is most like. Take the test here: Drive Drive describes behavior that is assertive and results-oriented. When people show Drive, they tend to take charge, make decisions, and control the...
  3. Disability and Temperament Art (The Official DiSCability Wheelchair)

    The Art Museum
    I'm horrible with AI, but I saw the need to create a symbol that represents the connections between disability and temperament. I only used DiSC for ease and a witty pun (DiSCability)!! (Come on, that was good, right?):crazy:Feel free to post the image all over the Internet! That's why I created it.
  4. Are Most Dimensional Personality Tests Interrelated?

    General Psychology
    The other day, I was looking out of curiosity to see what other dimensional personality measurement systems are out there that have been used by the psychology community, and I came upon the realization that nearly all of them (with the exception of systems intended primarily to screen for...
  5. Comprehensive Test Suite

    What's my personality type?
    If anyone wants to take way too many personality tests and send me their results (You'll have to type out or copy paste the information on the page- don't send me the link) I'd very grateful for it. I'd be happy to talk with you about the results as well. The tests are as follows (all free...
  6. Full Function by Function Analysis

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Give me your type and I will send you a full JCF/MBTI function by function analysis that can yield powerful insights. It includes a rollup of JCF, MBTI, enneagram, Kiersey, DISC, Four Temperaments, Motivators and more. Can be used to understand lots of things, especially misunderstandings and...
  7. Hey Everyone

    ENFP here on a quest to become more effective in my personal and professional life. It's been a busy year with some self-made disappointments so now its time to regroup and refocus. Especially would love to connect to other ENFPs who have figured out the tricks to overcome or compensate or...