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  1. Food that a fly lands on carries more dangerous bacteria than previously thought

    Science and Technology
    Knew it all along and I've almost never allowed a fly to land on me nor anything. These disgusting things need to be exterminated/wiped out somehow. Make sure to cover your food at all times, sometimes the extremely severe flu which hurt bad comes from those creatures. What are some measures we...
  2. Transplanting a gene into heart cells can turn them into natural pacemakers

    Science and Technology
    Well, it worked on pigs, anyway. Read the article here: Transplanting gene into injured hearts creates biological pacemakers -- ScienceDaily "In the study, laboratory pigs with complete heart block were injected with the gene called TBX18 during a minimally invasive catheter procedure. On the...
  3. How my life changed.

    Lately I've been thinking a lot. I only started living a few years ago, before that I was shambling through life like a zombie. I was home schooled and didn't really have a care in the world and I was just doing whatever I was told was best for me. And then I found out I have a progressive...
  4. An Advisory On Depression and its Dangers

    General Psychology
    As a person who has gone through and fought massive depression, and continues to fight it this day, I felt it important to bring forth this thread. For anyone who sees any errors, I encourage you to contact a member of the staff. I am afraid I am no longer updating or providing assistance in...