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dominant functions

  1. VM I Wrote, Could Not Send, Would Not Edit To Fit Character Limit, So I'm Blogging It

    I was sorting through books yesterday, organizing by topic as well as deciding what to keep, what to give away, and feeling some frustration with this typing business. So I picked up the typing books, one by one, read a bit from them--saw two enneagram tests I took, put that book aside to keep...
  2. Dominant function groups

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Recently I have noticed that though types tend to be motivated by the same things as others in their temperament they tend to gravitate more towards what i will call function dominant groups for lack of a better name. This is not somthing I've been able to find writen about else where but seems...
  3. Similarities between Ne and Se

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I'm an ENFP who tends to have ESFP friends. One of these friends is very close to me and we've found that we share the same opinions about other people. We are both able to notice certain characteristics of others that our non-Se, non-Ne using friends are oblivious to. We've been somewhat...
  4. Dominant-Inferior Function: Develop Your Strengths Rather Than Your Weaknesses

    - - - -----I think the dominant-inferior function relationship is the most complicated. First, I am not saying those functions are mutually exclusive. Rather, they are two opposite ends of the same stick. Think of our minds as having 100 points to spend on that stick--apportioned to Ni and Se...
  5. My first thread on Personality cafe!

    Hello everyone! I have been browsing this site for awhile now, and finally decided to join! I am a female INFJ, and I have never met anyone else (in person) who is an INFJ also. I love reading posts from other INFJs though, and I find a lot of similarities. I recently found a quiz online that...