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    I replied to a post on another forum in which a bisexual, agnostic individual was being ostracized by his/her/its loving family... "I do not know enough of your situation (age, live at your parents's home?), but can assure you that there will be others beyond your family who WILL accept and...
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    Dining room table Friends and acquaintances Talking of the weather And the household's maintenance It's Thanksgiving everywhere but here For no one here is grateful Feverish silent chatter of eyes in disguise Everyone feeling hateful So we attempt to reduce the tension Light conversation...
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    Serpents and sergeants Soothsayers and seers Prophets and demagogues Neighbours and peers One writes the story, others narrate the scene One actor lives the drama, one relays what he's seen A ton of money spent to make them content Heaven knows where the rest are sent If you come into this...
1-3 of 4 Results