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  1. Here I am! (You don't have to read this.)

    Alright... well this is a very interesting place to be. :unsure:I hope I will find the time to check in on a regular basis. Whew. Where to begin with an introduction... I'm an INTP, through and through. Dear Lord, being an INTP is rather painful much of the time. UNLESS... I can be alone, not...
  2. How to trick your non-internet phone into accessing your personal e-mail.

    Science and Technology
    I recently bought a Nokia Nuron for cheap because....well it was really cheap. And I'm used to my phones having access to my e-mail. But this one did not! And boy did it peeve me. But I found a work-around! So I thought I'd share it with the internet. This trick is for you if: You have a...