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  1. [INFP] Looking for Vegans! (NOT looking for a discussion between meat-eaters and vegans etc)

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi! :) I was wondering if there are any vegans in this group! I would just like to know about your stories of how you came to be a vegan and your experiences in general! Thanks! :kitteh: (Not looking for debates between omnivores and vegans etc. here, so please don't comment if you aren't...
  2. Watch me eat

    Sex and Relationships
    Hello everyone, Why do people watch others while they eat? O.o Personally people do this to me a lot, doesn't actually bother me, I just wanna know if there is a logical reason :tongue: Is it because I'm skinny? lol that would be too stupid. Is it because I don't care if they are watching me...
  3. Can you get a career/job smelling perfumes, tasting food, hearing music....

    Education & Career Talk
    looking at scenes, feeling stuff? Any of these?