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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    Purely from the videos attached, can anyone gauge his MBTI & ennea type? Even if you only have haphazard guesses
  2. ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    I guess other types could have input here, but my guess would be Te has some interest or informed opinions on this? Has Sweden figured out a balance other nations should copy? I'm wondering about an Anti-American or aniti- capitalism trend and if we in the US will need to make drastic reforms...
  3. Guess the type
    Nom'd as Helicopter Ben's successor If an introvert, will mean, at fewest, the last four Fed chairs will have been Ixxx types. :shocked:
  4. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    So, last night I was watching this thing on NASA and their Office of Planetary Protection. I found it comforting, intriguing and amusing. Such off the wall ideas existing such a well funded, socially acceptable form? It got me thinking. There are appear to be a growing number of INTPs who study...
  5. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Can you think of any ways in which societies, governments, corporations or economies may benefit from divorce?
  6. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    When I think of the US as a whole, without thinking of the smaller details, I think of: Love of freedom and free speech Music Movies Sports Guns and War Economy Crime Health Care Pride Being outwardly expressive of opinions Where do you think the deep sense of pride comes from? Is it from...
1-7 of 12 Results